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for Harry Potter and the Problem with Life Debts

11/7 c8 Mark Andrew
Over a year! Will you be finishing the story? Or continuing...
10/26 c6 1TheProfessorOfWar
un u. ff. f f f hb xdb
8/24 c1 4AlphaFlash
8/12 c6 1Phantasm32
I have a funny feeling who put sabra at the ministry box. The Dursleys
7/22 c2 DrReadnoShit
I don't get why authors try to bring comedy into situations where someone is injured, in this case tortured, and clearly needs medical attention.
7/12 c2 TBWL713
The constant joking about Harry and Fleur really felt wrong. She has just been attacked, is nearly gang-raped, is unconscious, and is only covered by a blanket, yet Sirius and Bellatrix are joking about her like nothing is wrong.

Also, why tf is he fighting like Sherlock? I'm not gonna be reading any further but I hope Dumbledore and Bellatrix have been training him since he was 5 and he has the intelligence of a super-genius. Anything else and this best be a crack.
7/5 c8 DrackNath
Another great story that is dead...i cry
6/25 c1 Geurtg
Buena historia
5/26 c8 rogue7273
well that one has been an interesting read, pity it hasn't been updated since 2016, I did notice the author said it would be slow updates but six years it would be nice to see if it would be continued, on hiatus, abandoned or up for adoption, there is just so much that could be done with the story line that has been created
5/19 c8 steve.moore.9081323
Great story most interesting take on harry potter
5/19 c1 steve.moore.9081323
Good start looking forward to reading the rest of the story
4/26 c4 4AlphaFlash
4/25 c6 52Taliesin The Eternal Bard
I donate I know if you intended it or not but in the flash back or not but as I read this chapter. The section where Bella reads the note from the phone booth. That so sounds like Vernon.
4/7 c8 TheArcaneToaster
That is a really good read.
I particularly like how you present changes to the canon retrospectively all in due time instead of throwing everything at once. Although those parts feel a bit overstretched, they're perfectly fine fine if you're planning on making this story quite longer than usual (and what you wrote so far, does feel as if you you were planning on making it last).
I really hope that you haven't abandoned this story. Looking forward to the next chapters. Keep up the good work.
3/9 c4 Ltbutterfly287
The way wizards execute someone is with a dementors kiss. No one in the ministry knows what the veil does or what happens to those who walk through it. The things is located in the unspeakables research area for a reason.
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