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for Harry Potter and the Problem with Life Debts

10/13/2021 c8 DocCBM
10/13/2021 c8 19orthankg1
Very nice.
10/13/2021 c8 Noble Korhedron
Sorry to hear you're having update problems; don't worry, I won't drop the story, unless you turn out to be Donald Trump in disguise, or something equally disgusting/evil...
10/13/2021 c8 1Arnie1701
Great update and an awesome Ron Weasley. Love that he doesn't have the emotional range of a teasponn.
10/13/2021 c8 2Darth Vindicta
While I'm not a big fan of Molly and Ginny bashing (or Weasley bashing in general except maybe Percy) it's so fresh and rare to read Ron not being like his mother (Molly in this case since he has a better mom) and I really love the story so far even if I want Ginny to be redeemed
10/13/2021 c8 GWTF2005
I’ve never been happier to see an update please make this more frequent I’m so excited to see where it goes keep up the good work
9/18/2021 c7 Noble Korhedron
"Missus Bella won't like this."

Understatement of the year!
8/23/2021 c7 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work. Stay safe, healthy, and positive.
5/2/2021 c7 1DanDrake
Great story so far hopefully it gets updated soon
3/3/2021 c1 sisyphus1967
I’m not a big reviewer but I had a couple of thoughts. It is really unlikely that the Potters would have willed away any property. Wealthy individuals know that you never decrease your assets. More likely they would have given lifetime occupancy or lifetime use if they wanted to include the opportunity for income (could be sublet). Giving away cash or even a stipend is easy as cash is a replenishing resource. Property is a non-replenishing resource and should be conserved to fuel more cash generation. Keep on writing though. Interesting so far.
2/10/2021 c1 Guest
Several spelling errors and unnecessary character bashing.
2/3/2021 c7 GodofDeathandDarkness
Great chapters! I’m glad to see you’re continuing the story and I look forward to seeing where you take it.
1/13/2021 c7 1AlanLoo
This 'pup' thing is horrible lmao
1/8/2021 c7 Cliffhangerhater
More I hate cliff hangers just finish the story in the next few chapters but put time in and make it good please. PLEASE. PLEASE.
1/8/2021 c6 Guest
Make more chapters.
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