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for Harry Potter and the Problem with Life Debts

1/16/2016 c2 3rebfan90
Great chapter!
1/16/2016 c2 unanonymous
someone has been inspired by sherlock holmes's quick thinking description, i could imagine that scene clearly, so it was fun to read. Also im looking forward to next chapter and the personality of the little sister OC. Until next time ;)
1/16/2016 c2 Logoth
Good start, but try avoiding such long walls of text when writing action scenes. You put in the effort and people skim to first line of thoughts or speech ;p
1/16/2016 c1 8JordanMathias
This is a fun twist and I can't wait to see how Bellamy explains to her family
1/13/2016 c1 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
1/15/2016 c1 roger9481
I barely read it and I already hate that hermione will be related to harry, also hate ginny and Molly bashing seriously if your going to bash the weasleys then bash them all or don't at all
1/15/2016 c1 jubilee loves pyro
Beautiful story Please update soon
1/15/2016 c1 3Fee-fi-fo-fum
Interesting start, I will continue reading further to see how you develop this story. The chapter was easy to read, no glaring errors stood out. Also, will you start this story during the world cup, or will you do the three years before that?
1/15/2016 c1 unanonymous
wow, thats quite descriptive writing, and i like it. I wasnt even sure if the first paragraph was written by you or coppied from the canon, so if it wasnt, well done. Although spelling of the killing curse is Avada Kedavra ;) From what i have read, you are going for strong harry character, but thanks to big OOC Bellatrix i cant even begin guessing what will his outlook on the life be.
1/14/2016 c1 3rebfan90
Great start!
1/14/2016 c1 richbias
a good Bella this is a nice start
1/13/2016 c1 richard333
good story
1/13/2016 c1 discb
Cool start
1/13/2016 c1 Seventhsword2
Great premise, my only problem is one that is entirely my fault finding this within twelve hour of it being posted, so I only get a taste. so please hurry and give us more
1/13/2016 c1 1diggerboy4
Pretty good so far, always enjoy a good Harry/fluer fic. Not really a fan Hermione blood sister idea, people always add it to fics but honestly isn't something I see Hermione was doing. She is honestly a bossy and overbearing personality in the canon.
It is also something I don't see them doing till after years of friendship. Enjoyed it so far, hope to see more
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