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for Into the Edge of the Naruto-verse

7/18 c4 InoSaku
Father and Son?
7/18 c1 InoSaku
Shinobi of Winx?
6/20 c1 Jareth Arian
Just to let you know, you placed Kabi instead of Kiba, on when you're teleporting them away.
6/8 c17 24Logicalillogical
Excerpt from chapter 17:

"Naruto managed to learn and form it in only a single week."


It took Naruto one month to learn the rasengan.

By the time the one week bet starts, Naruto was practicing the rasengan for around 3 weeks.
5/7 c19 1LegionHQ
You were the chosen one naruto it was said that you would destroy the perverts not join them bring balance to a healthy sexual lifestyle not leave it in darkness
2/13 c40 MarTinez9
When will we be seeing an update of this story it has been a very long time?
2/8 c40 KuramaShenLong
Go for these windstorm's stories "Fate EXTRA Dragonic Maelstrom" and "Rise of the Ōtsutsuki Slayer" these two are my favorites despite he discontinued the Ōtsutsuki Slayer story it's still a good story.


You can use this fanfiction that I personally loved which is "Those Who Dance in the Moonlight: A NarutoxFate Story" this is my personal favorite because mainly there is the main heroine in the story is my favorite heroine in the franchise which is Saber, well maybe at first when I start reading it bit it's a very good story and a NarutoxArtoria pairing.
1/29 c40 Hunter 1
It's been 4 years since the last chapter when is the next chapter
1/27 c40 ashfrost75
12/14/2023 c24 Suzuran Kishigane
Fun Fact: I don't mind seeing the Wave Mission Again.
12/13/2023 c17 Suzuran Kishigane
Orochimaru is Kinda Right, let's check their Background and a simple Change.

Naruto, if he knows that he's a Kinesthetic Learner aka Learns via Doing, along with Proper Instructions without the Discrimination would be like Orochimaru, a Prodigy and a Fast Learner, hell, it could easily Mirror Orochimaru Living if he was about to be Executed for "a Failed Mission" or "Failing to bring back the Last 'Loyal' Uchiha" or "Hurting the Last 'Loyal' Uchiha 'Badly' even though he's literally standing at the back fine" which would lead to Naruto being breaked out of someone and running away from Konoha, wanting Revenge against it and it's Hypocritical People.

Sasuke, if he was given a much more Proper Mental Health Training, along with his Status as an Uchiha, would be like Tsunade, seen as Royalty, he'll, it even mirrored Tsunade living Konoha from Sasuke Defecting.

Sakura, if she wasn't saved by Ino, would be timid at the beginning of the Class, but might do reckless stuff to escape from her insecurity, might do planned pranks which would lead to her being the dead last, due to her skipping a lot that ruin her grade, despite being the 2nd Smartest and Smartest Girl in Class, like Jiraiya, but rather than the Path of Fūinjutsu, it's Iryōjutsu instead.
11/16/2023 c40 Guest
This fanfic is horrible, 40 chapters and only 4 worlds and a few one-shots (one of them had a part 2, so it wasn't a one-shot), too long, too many chapters for a single world, should one chapter for one world, but no, 8 chapters for a single world, so yeah 0.5/10, don't recommend
11/6/2023 c10 4KaiserNova
if you accept suggestions grown through chaos is a post wave naruto one piece fic , that involve all of team 7 for character development also i kinda want to see their reaction to the one piece world , specially zabuza when he met Kisame's people
9/12/2023 c17 RobertoRivera77
When are you going to update?
7/21/2023 c9 amavgupta0
sakura is a bitch and will always be a bitch she is a bitch in all universes and she can't change her priority will always be sasuke this sasuke that and naruto is an idiot for going after sakura when he gives up on her then he's not a idiot so in the canon verse naruto is no longer a idiot after he turns 19
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