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2/5 c16 2Imaginer.012
I mean this chapter, not 17! But again, great job!
2/5 c17 Imaginer.012
As always, love this! I would check this chapter because there were some formatting errors and I think parts of the story were somehow deleted.
1/25 c6 5olivia71295
Poor Hermione being hurt like that in this story! I just feel for all the characters. Here's to hoping no one dies in the next (except voldy and his gang)
11/17/2020 c22 joycezhanng
harry sees sprottle's dot on the map so we can rule out her for crouch!
10/27/2020 c53 Guest
This is the best fanfic series I’ve ever read.
10/11/2020 c42 joycezhanng
okay, so. i don't think crouch was in the lift and/or the one that attacked sirius, because peter doesn't communicate with crouch - he only communicates with malfoy through the postcard. since malfoy was on the lift, i'm assuming he's the one that attacked sirius.

therefore, it doesn't really make it any more likely that the people in the lift (prewett, jorkins, harris, brown) could be crouch :/
10/11/2020 c41 joycezhanng

so was the part when draco suddenly brought up the hippogriff case with remus and when you said kreacher's scolding probably had nothing on molly. i know i keep repeating myself but YOU ARE SUCH A BRILLIANT WRITER.
10/11/2020 c40 joycezhanng
harry's characterization is GREAT and his reasoning to remus was powerful as hell. it makes a lot of sense - of course he'd be fucking pissed when both of his parents had DIED BECAUSE OF HIM.

i also like that you described harry as formidable. he's come a long way :)
10/11/2020 c39 joycezhanng
i always think authors try to use divination predictions as foreshadowing/symbolism, but so far i still don't know what the ones in this fic mean.

ron said harry would "unlose" or "find" something. no idea what this is.

harry said ron would go on a type of journey and grow. no idea about this one either.

trelawney said harry would have an unhappy romance (this one we already know is cho) and also a tragedy in his family involving quidditch? or maybe the broken broomstick just references that he'll break his nimbus in the first task of the triwizard tournament in "intensity."

or, you know, you just randomly chose these predictions and they have zero significance, lol.
10/11/2020 c37 joycezhanng
i don't really like that harry's always like "i HAVE to be involved and i have to fight without any help bc i'm the prophecy child etc etc," like he's being forced into it or something. he doesn't realize that he'd be involved if he knew about the prophecy or not - he's due for a chat from dumbledore, the one that makes him realize he's actually "walking into the arena with [his] head held high" instead of "being dragged into" it.

on a lighter note, he's so freaking clueless with cho - i feel bad for the poor girl.
10/11/2020 c32 joycezhanng
sometimes i feel kind of bad for snape (in this fic) bc literally everyone else who ever stays at grimmauld (sirius, remus, marlene, harry, ron, draco, hermione) are gryffindors (except tonks) and they're all really close friends who banter with each other naturally.

honestly i have no idea why or how but i actually don't hate snape ? i guess it's because he has draco to care about and he isn't as much of a bullying git like he was in canon, plus he has an okay sense of humor and at least admits that harry is a decent human being. again, NO idea how you managed to get me to like snape but good job - it's not an easy feat.
10/11/2020 c29 joycezhanng
i like that you added this blood protection plot line so that harry and dudley can patch up their relationship. dudley's not too bad, and his last line "so, if magic's real, what about aliens?" had me laughing so hard.
10/10/2020 c21 joycezhanng
peter pettigrew disappears at the same spot of the seventh floor corridor where sirius’s motorbike was once stored COME ON SIRIUS WHY CANT YOU WORK IT OUT
10/10/2020 c16 joycezhanng
all of them - ron, hermione, draco (and maybe ginny) should become illegal animagi w help from harry and sirius and remus! that’ll be so freaking cool, like a new generation of marauders. and it’ll be helpful when they’re fighting voldemort too, of course.

hermione would be an otter bc of patronus and ron a jack Russell terrier (he could play w padfoot and harry!), and draco would be maybe a falcon or eagle or something like that? it’ll be convenient if he was something that could fly.
10/9/2020 c7 joycezhanng
"a bat. harry's got his godfather, now you've got yours."

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