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4/14 c53 Guest
Now you're ending the stories in as stupid of places as the chapters.
4/13 c48 tomascatts
It was wormtail with the candlestick in the room of requirement.
4/13 c40 Guest
Getting your pronouns a bit mixed up aren't you?
4/13 c37 Dontworry
Yeah fuck that! Bitches like Cho too much damn work.
4/13 c31 Dontworry
You end the chapters in the strangest places.
4/12 c23 tomascatts
I think Harry's doing very well for a 13 year old. When I was 13 I yanked the pony tail of the girl I liked, splashed through a puddle next to her getting dirty water all over her dress, then tripped her as she walked down the bus aisle. Sigh, sadly our love affair never got going.
4/11 c16 Tomas
Why would you stop a chapter there?
3/10 c1 SanFranMom
Thanks for another great story! I enjoy your twists on the original, which keep me guessing. Also, your books do a better job of developing the relationship between Ginny and Harry than the originals do.
1/9 c51 Anon
This story is fantastic, but so very frustrating when you know about the Room of Requirement but can’t tell the characters. Why didn’t they ask the house elves though? Dumbledore and Sirius have both been in the room before though it was something different. They knew that Pettigrew was on the seventh floor. Why not ask the elves and the elves would tell them about the Come and Go Room? Also why is Harry so frustratingly angsty and (minorly) thick. He needs to pay more attention to his studies and also respect his teachers.
12/19/2021 c53 1DJArla
This was so intense! I spent the second half of the book talking myself out of skipping to the end to read how it worked out. I’m so into this world you have created. In this story I especially loved the Dursley’s, Dudley the most. I was so hooked the whole way through and can’t wait to keep reading!
11/16/2021 c30 nire47
Hahaha! I forgot about Marge. Ooof... this is going to be fun.
11/1/2021 c40 Pr0xim4
This chapter was so beautiful and touching...
Masterfully written!
10/27/2021 c19 Pr0xim4
Currently rereading the I-series , and although a few months back, having read the available content I had left a review...However, after reliving these amazing scenes written by you, i felt the urge to drop a praising comment, because you truly deserve it!
The ambiance, the conversations, the characters are handled with such authenticity that it seems like I'm reading the original work of JKR for the first time, once again. Believe me when I say it, if there's magic in this world, it is woven in your stories. I feel privileged to be able to experience it for free, and I deeply appreciate the energy and time you invest in this project!
I wish you all the best, and thank you :)
9/26/2021 c21 Westeller
I don't get it. Sirius knows there's a hidden room in that corridor, right there. It's where Dumbledore stashed his bike. He knows he had no idea the room was there before. He knows it's not on the map. And even if he didn't remember, somehow, Dumbledore would. It's way too obvious what's happening here and *he should know*.
9/23/2021 c53 Guest
This would've been the best one in this series if it wasn't for the silly climax, author. That rather dragged the whole thing down. Still worth a 7/10 though.
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