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8/11 c29 Guest
- Dudley smiled back for just a moment, but he had questions now, important ones.

"So, if magic's real, what about aliens?" -

You just made me like Dudley Dursley, I can't believe it.
7/20 c52 sarrylover
Oh god not Harry telling stating the whole prophecy to children. Also all of a sudden Ron cares about why Voldemort is after Harry. Yeah so random
7/20 c47 sarrylover
This Harry is really annoying and really useless. God the theory of Harry having some sort of disability always resurfaces, when I read a frustrating story that uses the cannon Harry personality. When using a JK Rowling Harry for this type of story just doesn’t make sense literally Padfoot and moony were “afraid” they taught Harry too much before his first year we saw a wind spell from him during school and that’s it while during years before the school Harry was using magic sight, apperating, moving aside wards, using strong accidental magic, potions Harry. when we witnessed 9 year old Harry out preforming this third year Harry it does get annoying like this kid could have used his magic sight to see Ron’s wand on Peter when they were in a stand off other wise what was the point of showcasing Ron’s wand and the color of the magic when he finally used his might sight after years of not using it.
7/19 c31 sarrylover
I’m just skipping through all the extra stuff. Like why would I be interested in the twins blowing things up when Harry is in trouble. I’m curious if Harry get all emo about HIS own decisions.
7/19 c23 sarrylover
Boo how boring hetero Harry. I hope at some point it will change because how boring. Plus the whole Draco family conflict would be for nothing.
6/14 c53 Guest
Bruh. Reading through this I am starting to get annoyed that Harry hasn't run with moony yet.
5/29 c53 TtotheA
Author I had a great read. I was so excited for every chapter I kept on reading. It was a great reading flow to be in. On the one hand I wanted to review more, but also being so wholly transported into your fic was an is gold. I think that’s why we love HP so collectively, the world has the ability to suck you in completely finishing a book within several hours. Like you went into a pensive. I feel like your series 98% allows us the reader to be transported into the HP world again but tweaked by you. So it’s what makes your fic great, but maybe why it’s not as well reviewed as it definitely should be.
4/14 c53 Guest
Now you're ending the stories in as stupid of places as the chapters.
4/13 c48 tomascatts
It was wormtail with the candlestick in the room of requirement.
4/13 c40 Guest
Getting your pronouns a bit mixed up aren't you?
4/13 c37 Dontworry
Yeah fuck that! Bitches like Cho too much damn work.
4/13 c31 Dontworry
You end the chapters in the strangest places.
4/12 c23 tomascatts
I think Harry's doing very well for a 13 year old. When I was 13 I yanked the pony tail of the girl I liked, splashed through a puddle next to her getting dirty water all over her dress, then tripped her as she walked down the bus aisle. Sigh, sadly our love affair never got going.
4/11 c16 Tomas
Why would you stop a chapter there?
3/10 c1 SanFranMom
Thanks for another great story! I enjoy your twists on the original, which keep me guessing. Also, your books do a better job of developing the relationship between Ginny and Harry than the originals do.
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