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4/25/2020 c1 3Cali Dreamweaver
Awww Kreacher was finally able to fulfill his promise <3
4/16/2020 c53 17chefke
just finished reading this! it was amazing and I can't wait to read fourth year!
3/19/2020 c12 1The One-Eyed Wolf
I've been ,ran in to say this for awhile so it may not be entirely relevant to this chapter, but I love that you show Ginny's side of the whole possession thing. It's not something I've seen anywhere else and I think it's been done very well
2/25/2020 c53 Bele
You are sooo amazing! For the last chapters i was sitting on hot coals for all the excitement and suspension, and then you neatly tied it all up in one nice shiny package which made so much sense! awesome! brilliant! this series is such an extremely well done master piece, I can't praise you enough! Thank you very much for sharing your imagination and talent with us thank you thank you thank you!
2/19/2020 c46 marvinkitfox1
Argh. First NO scene breaks, NOW a scene break between the "t" and "o" of the word TO
2/19/2020 c32 marvinkitfox1
"I do have his best interests in mind, even if it may not appear that way"

Yep, tell yourself that, Snape.
While you routinely mind-rape Draco, and hide away all the books that might possibly give him a hint as to how to defend himself against you. Even lie point-blank to him, and make him think he is losing his mind, hmm? Berate him for having a headache in class, when you've been raping him nonstop?

Yes, tell yourself you are doing it for his own best interests.
2/19/2020 c22 marvinkitfox1
So snape is routinely mind-raping Draco? Without permission or explanation, making the poor child think h is going insane or dying or something?

It's all for draco's own god, of course.
2/18/2020 c16 marvinkitfox1
I see you don't use scene separators any more..
A bit disorientating, when a comment by Draco is answered by Scrimgeour. Who is several hundred miles away. And in a conversation with someone else.
2/9/2020 c12 1Bukama Stealth
Just thought I'd point the easiest way to safely detain a werewolf.
You use a levitation charm on it.
If it can't thouch the ground it can't get traction to attack. ;)
Still reading your books.
1/27/2020 c34 braidedyarn
THPUGHT IT CPULDVE BEEN SPROTTLE FROM THE LATEST WORK, but her name showed up on the map a few chapters ago!
1/6/2020 c2 Greeniron
Lovely chapter!
1/1/2020 c53 irusita
omg! this one was intense! but amazing! i love this series so much! but i dont know if my heart can handle sirius almost dieing again, i'm already so traumatised from tony stark and loki... so please don't hurt my baby any more
you've done great job with all the characters and all the friendship and love here really helps me after endgame
thank you for this wonderful story!
12/1/2019 c53 Marie la petite
Thank you for the fiction !
10/14/2019 c53 xxxLeanniexxx
Brilliant story! So much happened in the last few chapters! So much drama!
8/3/2019 c53 ali
Really i dont understand why malfoy would want to be someones lackey just so he can kill anyone whose not pureblood *rolls eyes* does he even kbow that voldy is a half blood? I bet he doesnt the moron...
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