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8/3/2019 c53 ali
Really i dont understand why malfoy would want to be someones lackey just so he can kill anyone whose not pureblood *rolls eyes* does he even kbow that voldy is a half blood? I bet he doesnt the moron...
8/3/2019 c49 ali
So i may be wrong because its has been a while since i read the books and i'm not sure what pottemore say about it but from my understanding the sectusembra would keep making cuts along wormtail hand and arm without the conter course, which is why harry couldnt heal draco, yeah it only touched his hand but it still touched him... Also, what a moron harry, he fucking tried to kill padfoot and you get angry that snape showed you that spell, he did told you it was for fucking ENEMIES! MORON Omh and you wonder why hermione is mad at you? -.-
8/3/2019 c47 ali
For enemies… The spell was on the tip of Harry's tongue: moron! And it was obvioud he had more than one wand you idiot! He has your two friends as hostages! Of course he would take their fucking wands!
8/3/2019 c46 ali
Im so fucking glad its not the cloack, fuck yes, also harry, he just tortured your friends and hed the reason your parents died, dont think about it much, worry about it later when you're all safe...
8/3/2019 c44 ali
Omg why sirius? You never negotiate with terrorrist! Dont bring the fucking cloack! You know VOLDEMORT wants it, which mean ist bot good and if you read the fucking taoe you know its NOT GOOD! You could try to trick him with something similar looking to the cloak but not the fucking cloack!
8/3/2019 c40 ali
:') is teddy coming sooner or is he having an older sibling? I hope that what percy says mean that he wont be a prat in the future like in canon :)
8/3/2019 c37 ali
Really hermione, you're on her side? Its not like harty could even go when padfoot told him not to and after what happened last time, Cho is exagerating, shes getting jealous for no reason...
8/3/2019 c34 ali
Also, to be honest i see way more hedric chemestry than charry(?) chemestry xD
8/3/2019 c34 ali
Omg sirius how could you be that stupid? Even I knew that was a trap before i read eriks perspective. Why would he blow his cover when he could make it seem as its someone else!?
8/3/2019 c31 ali
Did that fucking prick imperoed draco!? His own son!?
8/3/2019 c28 ali
Awwww im so glad draco's not (that) angry with Snape! :3
8/3/2019 c27 ali
They should have taken winky to askaban or crouch senuor to the minestry amd make him order winky to confess in exchange of reducing his sentence...
8/3/2019 c24 ali
Fucking winky, i knew it! Although if they were smarter they would ask her to kidnap harry *eye roll*
but sure enough there was a wet, red patch spreading over the wool of his jumper sleeve: please tell me its just a bornal wound and doesnt mean that peter took harry's blood...
8/3/2019 c21 ali
Did voldy sent him to get the tiara or did he came across the come and go room by accident? Or was it something ralated to time travel?
8/3/2019 c19 ali
I knew i didnt like chang for a reason, what a bunch of bitches, luna is a sweet girl she doesnt deserve that. I hope that petunia sends dumbledore a letter
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