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8/2/2019 c17 ali
Hermione meddling anoys me, leave the boy alone, yeah he clearly find her attractive but let him figure out things on his own and stop ttying to set things up so chang can talk to him, if he asked for your help that wpuld be different, but he didnt -.-
8/2/2019 c14 ali
Pinche snape xD
8/2/2019 c12 ali
What a dick, he doesnt need to scare them or make them be more prejudiced, fear creates mire fear and the werewolf situation is a ciurcular problem, society shuns them and think of them as monsters so they act accordingly as seen by greyback and his camp. And given that wolsbane is expensive and that the ministery makes for them dufficult to find a job then they are pretty fucked up, the only reason wolfsbane even exist is because someone's wife was infected and then that person decided to look for a cure, otherwise there are aparently not resources into looking for a way to make life easier to werewolves -.-
8/2/2019 c5 ali
One, please tell me thats not crouch xD and two, I wouldnt have shaken her hand xD great chapter as always
8/2/2019 c3 ali
Did draco realesed dobby? Also, i hope you wont have crouch suplanting moody, i dont think thats the case given the time (not enough to make or buy a pulyjuice)and that moody should already be in howgwarts, but i do wonder whats going to happen
5/29/2019 c53 Majerus
Harry's consideration of whether it was 'proper' to cast a patronus while sitting is some super deep dive character study. I love it.

Hah, another quote "if I had heard even a whisper", I can tell you have lots of fun with all these little canon Easter eggs :)
I'm guessing Draco is the demonstrative proof :(
I do hope he survives, he's my hands down fave character, though both Ginny and Harry have made great strides this story. I was particularly happy that Harry did not allow the Chang bitch to derail him.
Sirius, of course, is among the most amazingly developed of all your characters, with so very little to work with, you've created a genuine person who continues to face demon after trial after near-tragedy and continues to survive, and even grow. Peter likewise continues to show depths and insights that are intriguing. Next to Severus, he is the character I have some small hope for true redemption; though the last exchange with Sirius seems to have forever closed that door, it would be all the more compelling for him to change for his own reasons, rather than for someone else's approval/forgiveness. Likely a fools hope, but hey, it would have been easy to say the same of Snape...
Even Ron and Hermione, those rather one-dimensional canon side-kicks, are enjoyable to see coming into fully realized characters with motivations and reactions outside of merely a part of Harry Potter's story. Only Luna and Neville remain in their pupae stages, but I have hopes - for both, actually - though I admit that I'm partial to Luna for her sheer ability to bring clarity to a situation with her unique wit and insights. And I'm just a fan of the opportunities she presents to story :)
I do wonder when Harry will get his Marauder name? I'm also shocked that Hermione isn't fully badgering Harry about her own Animagus studies...

As mentioned before this is one of my all time favorite stories. It has an enormous amount of depth and complexity and just plain old fashioned good story telling. I can tell you really enjoy your story because there is an underlying joy to the way the characters are shedding their canon cardboard cutouts and donning the fine robes of a genuine literary character.
Thanks once again for sharing your time and talent!
5/29/2019 c52 Majerus
Well, Harry is well and truly free of his secrets (right? He has had so many that I've lost track!).

Good Lord that was a mess... Severus - yes, I'll go so far as to acknowledge that in this extreme AU there is hope for the man that was Snape - thankfully didn't just leave Sirius for Kreacher to manage. I guess that rather proves my point.
5/29/2019 c51 1Majerus
I have no interest in pairings at this point, but it's pretty great that you've built Ginny into such a solid character. Honestly you've been a bit... zealous with Hermione - she seems just a bit 'too Hermione', but most every character has been slowly growing and developing and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all of the detail and work you've put into this.
5/29/2019 c50 Majerus
Ooof, lots of hope going forward, now, the results for the rat (I do hope he dies in torture) and the other shoe.
5/29/2019 c49 Majerus
Whew... damn, that was both epic and terrifying.
And once again you slickly arrange for a bit of canon to be repeated. Too bad it would be "dark" magic to use the rat's severed hand to find the rest of the rat :/
5/28/2019 c48 Majerus
Idiot, at least make sure he transforms before you leave!
He's right back to the same fool that got him into so much trouble :(
5/28/2019 c47 Majerus
Bleeding brained blasted rat.
That's my hope, anyways.
5/28/2019 c46 Majerus
Damn. That's some high quality cliffieness right there!
5/28/2019 c45 Majerus
Hoorah for Dobby!

I hate it when the rat is clever :(
5/28/2019 c44 Majerus
Ok, I grudgingly admit that Peter is pretty damned clever :/
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