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5/28/2019 c43 Majerus
Minor plot problem: Lucius gave his speech to his boys in front of the minister...

FINALLY, will Ron take his moment to shine?
5/28/2019 c41 Majerus
Wonderful, if it weren't for the reminder that Marlene is right now the biggest weakness they have to security, what with her working with DE #1 :(
5/28/2019 c40 Majerus
That's some terrifying stuff there.
Some of those revelations go a long way toward revealing some of his self-loathing :(
5/28/2019 c39 Majerus
Peter really does have amazing luck - or something amazingly magical - if he can roam the halls and remain unseen on the map.
Unless.. unless he has fiddled with the map to allow himself to stay hidden, and in doing so he left them the map as it would give them a false sense of security?
5/28/2019 c38 Majerus
I suppose Harry is going to forget his dream - where wormy was clearly plotting to get him and his cloak :/

Oh, and I can only hope that that's the back of cho - and more importantly that despicable shite marietta.
5/28/2019 c37 Majerus
Yes Hermione, your 13 year old male friend is clueless about girls.
The fact that a 15 yr old girls is chasing after such a younger guy is bad enough, but with her age she is still too stupid to figure out that he's just young is proof enough that Ravenclaw brains are not all they are cracked up to be. Besides, she's a nasty bint, letter her rot.
5/28/2019 c36 Majerus
I assume that Robards has figured out Sirius' role in distracting the Aurors.
I hope.
5/28/2019 c33 Majerus
That was fantastic, a very fun chapter, and definitely what I envision the Burrow to be like with company arriving :D
5/28/2019 c32 Majerus
Crud, I hope Marlene will be ok.

Is it a mark of how little Snape trusts Sirius that he'd rather floo directly to the Burrow than to fire-call first... or a mark of how much he believes himself trusted by the Weasley's that he didn't think a fire-call necessary?
5/28/2019 c31 Majerus
Oh hell that was funny, the fact that Ginny and Molly didn't even flinch was priceless.
The fact that Sirius and Snape didn't manage to keep a lasting peace just makes so much more sense than... really any alternative :p
5/28/2019 c30 Majerus
Well, what have we always said about Harry?
If there's trouble to be found, it Will Find Him! lol
5/28/2019 c29 Majerus
Again, it was nice to have teens being teens, but much nicer to see them sort it out.

Oh Dudley, what fun lies ahead for you :)
5/28/2019 c28 Majerus
Well, it's almost refreshing to see a bunch of teens acting like a bunch of teens lol

At least Draco said 'Sir', not 'Professor', on the way out.
Another point in Draco's tally, he has become far and away my favorite character.
5/28/2019 c27 Majerus
Shite, I hope Marlene slapped Sirius a good one, allowing someone to come up and attack him!? What the hell Black?

The dementor timing couldn't have been worse :(
I have no doubt that the kids will get their stuff figured out, but that was an unfortunate series of events.

Wow, Colin is so single minded!
I hope Dumbles is there to keep him from getting kissed, he's at least good for that, cuz fudge would probably just stammer and whine while a kid died in front of him.
5/28/2019 c26 Majerus
OUCH - Snape you dumbass child... Sirius, that was a vicious thing to do in response, equally childish, but with much worse consequences than having an adult be rude to you :(
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