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5/28/2019 c26 Majerus
OUCH - Snape you dumbass child... Sirius, that was a vicious thing to do in response, equally childish, but with much worse consequences than having an adult be rude to you :(
5/28/2019 c25 Majerus
It never occurred to me that Winky might be there on orders, but Jr. has been a particularly brilliant - if bat-shite-crazy - opponent, so it doesn't hurt to check!
5/27/2019 c24 Majerus
Saved the wands, and hopefully wormy didn't get any of that blood...
5/27/2019 c23 Majerus
Dammit, lost his wand! The mirror I assume can be replaced relatively easily, maybe improved, but the wand :(
But not his blood... I did not see that coming, I figured he'd just apparate away with Harry.
5/26/2019 c22 Majerus
I do enjoy your characters immensely!
It is odd that Hermione stays in Divination, with as hard pressed for time as she is, and just as convinced it's nonsense as she was in canon.
Perhaps Draco provides a bit of less antagonistic camaraderie that the other two did not?
5/26/2019 c21 Majerus
Aha! Finally proof that Peter is not quite a useless a wizard as we thought. Maybe. Probably? Hmmm
5/26/2019 c20 Majerus
Another interesting thing about this multiple perspective is the boys being awoken by Harry... snarling, like voldy :(

"Crouch is too deep in his cover to contact"... but I wonder if he's managed to impersonate Moody? I doubt it. If the objective was to take Potter, he'd have had opportunities already.
Besides which, I was always frustrated with the idea that Jr. could imitate such a good friend of Dumbles so as to completely fool him, even in casual conversation - which would be the place that idiosyncrasies and shared history would be impossible to get perfect.
Got to be someone else. Who is beyond me at the moment.
5/26/2019 c19 Majerus
Huh... well, I suppose that her blood would be a very solid second choice after Harry's. Don't think I've ever thought of using her to negate the blood protection.
Gotta love those wards they've got protecting them... can always rely on Dumbles to... well, I guess you can't rely on him for about shite.
5/26/2019 c17 1Majerus
I could definitely see Hermione pushing Harry at a girl he likes. Your Harry is hard to gauge for maturity... but first crushes are blindingly hard to deal with for most of us so I think he did pretty well :)
5/23/2019 c16 Majerus
Heh, it's nice that Harry will have someone on the inside... assuming she's still around.
Why DO I have such a bad feeling about her!? :/
(I honestly don't know!)
5/23/2019 c15 Majerus
He's quite cunning when he puts his mind to it :)
5/23/2019 c14 Majerus
Wow, Snape is almost as brutal with Draco as he was with Harry!
5/23/2019 c13 Majerus
hmmm, cool idea with Pettigrew speaking with rats...
5/23/2019 c11 Majerus
Lots of plans afoot!
5/23/2019 c10 Majerus
I gotta say you had me going, I knew he'd live, but that was a rough landing!
Odd that Wood didn't have the brains to cast the charm - well, that Nobody else did, there were quite a few upper years around.
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