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5/23/2019 c9 Majerus
Dude... I am blown away by Draco!
I Really Like your Harry, which is saying something because he's usually so catered to in ff (supposedly to try to make up for his paralyzing faults in canon) that it's fairly nauseating. That said, Draco is the man in this story, and I'm not at all sad to be firmly in his corner as he continues to grow and develop into someone I'd like to know, even if he did consider me an odd muggle at best lol

Well, I may not be perfect, but I can admit when I'm wrong, and you played Dumbledore quite well with the lie to Harry about the hallows.
5/23/2019 c8 Majerus
Poor Dumbles, still can't quite get past that superiority complex.
Outright lying to Harry - another sign of senility?
To be fair, I've no idea how I'd deal with the situation...

These kids should invest in shin-guards lol
5/22/2019 c7 Majerus
As mentioned, this is the kind of thing that I can see leading to them being more than friends some day.
A genuine connection based on shared experiences - rather than canon bullshite.
Still, I really appreciate that you aren't pushing anyone on anyone so far (other than your blind devotion to R/H, that is).
5/22/2019 c6 Majerus
Nice fight scene
*shaking my head laughing*
5/22/2019 c5 Majerus
Hmm, everything is a year earlier, well, not everything, but a few key points.

Nice intro to Vane lol
5/22/2019 c4 Majerus
The scene before the dementor was heartwarming, yet the way they pulled together after was an even better indication of their friendships.
5/22/2019 c3 Majerus
Wow, so Draco used more restraint than I'd expected and did not rail and rant at his shitebag of a progenitor.
Dobby is somehow free?
Not sure how he did it, but I'm pretty happy with the results :)
5/22/2019 c2 Majerus
Oh crap, I think I have a new patronus memory:
Harry asking Snape if he dances :D
5/22/2019 c1 Majerus
A very happy start. I'm not looking forward to Draco's :(
5/12/2019 c17 1Vanelore
just realized Ron's the best brother ever!
4/18/2019 c53 36LMSharp
If Initiate feels like the weakest of the fics you've written in this series so far, Impose feels like the strongest (though I already feel like Intensity will top it by a mile). You had almost NOTHING of the original plot of PoA to work off of. All of the major story beats you'd already hit in Innocent. Yet you managed to make Impose feel like the counterpoint to PoA (which, in my opinion, is the strongest of Rowling's Harry Potter novels too). You had a lot of delicious internal conflict here that made your story richer and more satisfying. Some highlights of this story:

1) Hermione vs. Her Parents
This is something else I'd like to see you explore in more depth. We never got to know the Grangers like the Weasleys in Rowling's novels, and I can imagine them having concerns very similar to these, even if Hogwarts revealed almost nothing to them. This is probably the fic where your Ron and Hermione reach the same kind of informed decision about the forthcoming war that Draco does in Initiate-but they're still children, and that's a persistent theme in this story. It must be even harder for the Grangers, who as Muggles don't believe in raising their children to fight wars (isn't the wizarding world awful, though?). I imagine Hermione often feels very sad and lonely about her parents. I'm glad you addressed their discomfort with what she's doing (to parallel Snape and Narcissa and Sirius) and how out of touch they are.

2) Sirius vs. Harry
I love how as Harry grows up and his conflicts with Voldemort and his followers are becoming more serious, Sirius starts panicking here as he realizes he CANNOT protect the boy who by this time is just like a son to him. It doesn't matter, on an emotional level, that Harry has handled everything that has been thrown at him, is an Animagus at age thirteen, has slain a freaking basilisk, and is already an amazing duelist. What matters is that Harry's in the middle of all this danger-and won't back off from it. It is also hard for Sirius, the adult, to process Harry as someone capable of protecting others and taking on dangerous, adult Dark wizards alone, even though he has already done so. A very realistic conflict, and I like how it lasts through this entire fic.

3) Harry vs. Remus (and vs. Sirius for agreeing with Remus)
This plays out almost identically to the Harry-Remus conflict in DH, but because of the way you've built the relationships here, it hits a bit harder. Somewhere in between Identity and Intensity, Harry's relationship with Remus becomes something closer than the uncle-nephew relationship they have in earlier fics. While Sirius remains his primary parent, Remus comes to view Harry as a son as well, and Harry accepts this. Your Harry also has a much stronger relationship to Tonks. She's been family for years by this point. If anything happens to him, Sirius has declared he wants Remus raising Harry WITH her. So the prospect of Remus and Tonks breaking up over a baby isn't just the abstract moral concept it is in DH to your Harry; it would literally tear apart his family. (There are shades of this during their temporary break-up at the beginning of Identity as well, but it's much stronger here.) I also appreciate how Harry is more than a little angry at Sirius for his understanding stance toward Remus's insecurities. At the same time, I appreciate that Sirius TAKES an understanding stance toward Remus's insecurities. It shows that this is a complicated situation and Remus's fears aren't as baseless and unjustifiable as Harry might feel. Well done on this.

4) Harry and the Dursleys
My favorite subplot in this fic. I like your Petunia, by the way. You give her nuance Rowling didn't until DH in your very first story. She doesn't care about Harry, fears and dislikes magic, and wants Harry gone-but at the same time, she DOES want to protect him for her sister's sake, and you can tell that at one point she did love Lily. Dudley seems like a post-Dementor Dudley already, and while that DOES feel like a stretch, I enjoy this characterization of him.

Other minor things I appreciated: Hermione's Time-Turning aging her even older than she was than the others already; definite grace notes of Ron having a thing for Hermione (while I believe they MIGHT have needed counseling, I've always liked the pairing); and the strength and support of Draco's relationship with both the Weasleys.

Thanks for writing,

4/11/2019 c30 AbandonedAccount2022
4/8/2019 c15 AbandonedAccount2022
I googled "Puppy black wolf" and omg Harry's animagus just got a lot cuter.
3/13/2019 c53 Iryelb
One problem I have with your writing, aside from the lengthy scenes dedicated to things I don't care about, is that you start scenes really abruptly and you seem to forget to include some kind of line break, frequently, which tends to throw me off horribly.
3/8/2019 c52 1Cavelenare
HAHAHAHHAHA! It’s not supposed to be funny but Sirius’ episode is HILARIOUS. Oh dear. Poor Siri. Honestly I wonder how he isn’t completely insane yet with Azkaban then the Dementors Drought and now this thing messing with his mind.
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