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4/11/2018 c53 braidedyarn
Excellent! Such sweet moments between padfoot moony and harry, I appreciate your acknowledgment of their pain without delving into the angst; a necessary part of healing imo.
4/5/2018 c52 1Liung Arkeanda
Ahahahah this has been fantastic, I've been thoroughly distracted from all the schoolwork I should have been doing for the past solid week as I devoured the whole series, god. I've been travelling a lot for my college field placement so unfortunately I had to download the fics in their entirety for offline reading, and couldn't review chapter-by-chapter as a story of this quality really deserves.

And now it's super late at night and my brain feels really foggy so I can't even give a single in-depth review as this deserves. Nuuuuuu

But the pacing was amazing, the plot is so perfectly plotted, and the nods back to the canon without ever feeling unoriginal or overdone are perfect. Truly amazing.

Probably the only thing that really sticks out in my mind as something that made me go "hmmmmmm..." was the aurors letting all the Crouch suspects go before the two hours were up just because they thought they knew Eric the Wand Weigher was him. There was nothing to say that there was only one infiltrator, and while only one person needed to have seen Winky in order to have done the attack plan... who's to say their subject sweep caught only one bad guy? Imagine if Eric really had been someone under polyjuice trying to escape capture, but had been someone running an entirely different dastardly plot that got caught in the suspect net completely coincidentally!

Find him later "WHY DID YOU FLEE IF YOURE NOT WORKING WITH CROUCH!" "I'm part of the illegal fairy dust trade, okay?!"

Heheh not that it's truly a plot hole that they automatically assumed Eric escaping meant all the other suspects were innocent, it's a completely believable assumption... MOODY WOULD BE SO DISAPPOINTED THOUGH. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. I hope he chews them out very thoroughly when he hears about it.

My eyes feel awful like I might fall asleep any moment so I'm not gonna try to remember more stuff but I do wanna say I LOVED Tom setting the basilisk free on a rampage to hide the significance of Percy's attack. Bad guys who have smart, well-thought out plans! \o/

Speaking of which have you read the essay on why Voldemort's Triwizard tournament plan was actually super smart rather than him just being a ridiculous drama queen? Him having a super elaborate plan to get Harry through all the tasks alive and winning just so he could touch the cup at the end and be whisked to the graveyard makes absolutely NO SENSE considering Crouch was in Hogwarts with Harry the entire year, in many instances alone and trusted with him, and could have whisked him away at any time by portkey... until you consider what would have happened if Harry didn't have the most supernatural luck imagineable and had died according to plan. ;D I loved that essay it gave me the biggest "WOAAAAAAAHHHHH" moment

And I think I love this fic series for the same reason. "Draco's got headaches that's so weird wonder what's—" *Draco manages to make it go away by pushing back* "—WOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"
4/3/2018 c52 Guest
I really love the dimension Draco adds to this story. His presence makes the dynamic of the group much more exciting. Also. Those hallucinations in the second half of the chapter are intense. Even with Sirius reminding us they're not real, they're intense. -a.
4/3/2018 c52 CaptainMyCaptain
Wow. Just wow.
So I've been following (binge-reading) this fanfic for several weeks now and I have no words for how good it is. I can't believe it's still in progress too! I've recommended it to so many of my friends and I can't wait to discuss it with them. It'd been a while since I hadn't read such a good fic, really.
I can't wait for the next chapter, it'll be exciting to now follow this story step by step !
4/2/2018 c52 3Snufflepuff the Hufflepuff
Good job Dobby XD
4/1/2018 c52 Guest
Is the hippogriff actually there?
This is good. I love Draco.
3/29/2018 c52 158Drag0nst0rm
This series is amazing!
3/29/2018 c52 kazeninatte07
I'm sorry if it's taken this long for me to comment on your story when I've been following it from the very beginning. I saw this post from Tumblr where a reader commented on a story again after ten years and found out the author of her favourite story now has 3 kids and because of her message, is now inspired to pick up the story again. And then, I realised that we're growing up and going on with our lives together with you and your story, and that's just magical. I hope you continue to enjoy writing this as much as we enjoy reading this story of yours. I'll be rooting for you all the way. :)
3/29/2018 c52 Lamelinam
Nice Harry/Ginny moments. Althoug I'm glad it was Hermione who took his hand. Would have been too heavy Hinny for now at least.

That Ron can already say Voldemort's name show how much he has grown...

So happy that the Golden Quintet know about the prophecy together .

Ha, Malfoy who cares so much about his friend but is still very much a Malfoy and about to say someting "rude and unhelpful". LOL ! And just after he affirms that Harry is stuck with them, "So stop with the dramatics and get on with it." Awesome characterization as always.

I don't know whether Harry would be the Queen or not. The Queen is the most mobile, powerful of chess pieces. That would probably be Dumbledore. As Ron said last chapter, Harry is the one everyone tries to keep safe, so he would rather be the King I think.

You made us feel very well how fidgety an defensive Harry was. Good job of showing instead of telling.

I think that you underplayed a bit the shock and fear the four should have felt when they heard about the prophecy. Hermione is "interested" and "curious", "narrowing her eyes", while in canon, Ron and Hermione's shock was more obvious and the silence more pregnant, until, you know, the telescope hitting Hermione accident. Here everyone starts reasonning a bit too quickly imo.

So appropriate that you had Ginny ask what is the power that the Dark Lord knows not. XD Even though everyone know the canon, the way you build up everything in your writing, with little bits and clues, is amazing !

Now the next VERY IMPORTANT step prophecy-wise/Harry's destiny-wise : he needs to realize what he does in HBP : that he will pursue Voldemort not because of some seer's prediction, but because he chooses to. And that actually, Malfaoy's idea that "... it's been a prophecy driving your heroics all this time, and not insanity" is wrong. Harry would have done what he did, even without knowing the prophecy.

"If there's a war, I'll end up in the middle of it regardless," Malfoy said quietly. "I'd much rather be in the middle on your side." ... OMG ! I love your Draco ! I really really do ! (But I wonder: even if he had already made his peace that he wouldn't follow in his father's footsteps, saying that he will directly oppose them, make himself their enemy and them his is big a step farther. I wonder if you could develop this decision more. Though I'm not worried actually. He's going to have a whole war to come to terms with that.)

Sirius should really have stayed in the infirmary. That's very irresponsible of him. Pomfrey should have bound him to his bed !
Nice to have Snape feel a little guilty. He still deserves fireworks in his office though !
It's true that I wonder what Harry feel about Sirius using the Killing Curse.

"not intent based" I like that you added that bit to Snape's description of the spell.

"But then, Harry'd been visiting him whenever Madam Pomfrey allowed, so what did that mean?" That's no indication. Harry would have visited Petunia.
Yep, definitely not a good idea to bring him back to his family house. The hallucination scenes were halfway between horror and comedy. Very original and well-done.

HAHAH ! Dobby brought Buckbeack here ! I love how you merge canon in your story

Love what you write !
3/28/2018 c52 silentsum
Scary, a hallucinating Sirius isn't great.
3/28/2018 c52 6almostNEET
Wait... SNAPE saved Buckbeak?! XD
3/27/2018 c52 Havoc Follows
Brilliant as usual! Keep up the good work!
3/27/2018 c52 14Okkkay
Despite all Sirius's struggles, the last few lines had me laughing loud. Couldn't Dobbyfind a safer spot? :)
3/27/2018 c52 Macabre Kyr
Seeing a chapter from you in my inbox is a surefire way to brighten my day
3/27/2018 c52 1SiriPhoenix
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