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3/14/2018 c51 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Amazing chapter
3/14/2018 c51 3HermesDay
This is one of the few fanfictions I've read where Ron's character is actually believable. Thank you for making him a real person, and giving him the credit he's due. I loved the conversation between him and Draco - it just seemed so Ron.
3/14/2018 c51 25Kioko Yasu
I love how much more organically your developing Ginny and Harry's relationship. In Cannon, their romance felt so sudden my first read through. After about a dozen rereads over the years, I can pick out the little stepping stones that lead to it, now. But I feel like the relationship your building for them is so much stronger than 'Harry suddenly realizes his best friend's sister is hot' Even if you end up not putting them together for whatever reason.
3/14/2018 c51 21katmom
Thanks for the update. Glad everyone had someone to talk to.
3/14/2018 c51 4Revliledpembroke
Yes. I imagine it's rather difficult for a 13 year old who's had a, well, not quite pampered, but certainly not "kill or be killed" kind of life to deal with such an event, maiming someone like that.

Course, I read a rather influential book once, from the young adult section.

"A dead enemy ain't an enemy no more (Voldemort doesn't count)."

Who knew a book about talking animals, all with varying British accents, could be so harsh? But it's true. It's also one of the great problems I have with the Harry Potter books. A Stunned enemy can be back in the fight the moment you turn your back. An enemy with his head and body in two separate places is rather less threatening.
3/11/2018 c50 Guest
Pls update soon!:)
3/8/2018 c50 endeavor22
Wow. I just read this series over the course of 3 days and I have to say that I’m in love with this story world. It’s so fantastically written that it feels so real. I can not wait to read more because it’s so good! I honestly have no suggestions except please update soon because it sucks to wait for more since it’s amazing and the best fan fiction I’ve ever read!
3/8/2018 c50 15Soraya the All Speaker
Words can't express how glad I've been while reading this entire series that you didn't follow the Evil Dumbledore trend that has taken over so many of the top stories... your Dumbledore has faults, is somewhat pro-active but still stays true to his character, and in my opinion is one of the best characterizations I've read that stays true to the book, while still owning up to his faults and mistakes. So *thank you* for that. It's a very wonderful change to see and read.

Also I love how you've 'reworked the tapestry' of the story, keeping events from canon still somewhat there but showing how they've changed based on what's occurred. And the perspectives from Tom in the diary and such! Brilliant. I'm loving it so much. Words can't even express it.
3/5/2018 c50 Guest
Brilliant update as ever - can’t wait for the next one!
3/3/2018 c50 Ana
Ok, só... i'm worried about Sirius and Ron and hermione and Draco and Remus and basically everyone else. But yeah this was a great chapter and I love where you're going with this story.
3/3/2018 c50 Dixie.f.9
Hermonie’s parents do deserve the right to know.
2/28/2018 c50 84Darth Krande
That was cute, and Minerva is RIGHT.
2/28/2018 c50 Kamyu
Great chapter!

Glad they are finally reunited, even though it is in the hospital wing

I'm a bit concerned about Ron and Sirius. Since the weird vision in Divination lesson about the family member falling from a broom. I hope it doesn't mean that one of them is going to have serious problems. I'm more concerned about Ron.

I love the part between Mcgonagall and Hermione. We can sense the struggle yet affection between them.

Draco is adorable being all curious but trying to contain himelf, since he was left apart "their little adventure" and i like how he always sense who needs his support the most.

Thanks again for sharing this with us.

2/27/2018 c50 Guest
Can I just say that I love your version of Draco?
Also, what are you going to do about Hermione?
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