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10/11/2020 c39 joycezhanng
i always think authors try to use divination predictions as foreshadowing/symbolism, but so far i still don't know what the ones in this fic mean.

ron said harry would "unlose" or "find" something. no idea what this is.

harry said ron would go on a type of journey and grow. no idea about this one either.

trelawney said harry would have an unhappy romance (this one we already know is cho) and also a tragedy in his family involving quidditch? or maybe the broken broomstick just references that he'll break his nimbus in the first task of the triwizard tournament in "intensity."

or, you know, you just randomly chose these predictions and they have zero significance, lol.
10/11/2020 c37 joycezhanng
i don't really like that harry's always like "i HAVE to be involved and i have to fight without any help bc i'm the prophecy child etc etc," like he's being forced into it or something. he doesn't realize that he'd be involved if he knew about the prophecy or not - he's due for a chat from dumbledore, the one that makes him realize he's actually "walking into the arena with [his] head held high" instead of "being dragged into" it.

on a lighter note, he's so freaking clueless with cho - i feel bad for the poor girl.
10/11/2020 c32 joycezhanng
sometimes i feel kind of bad for snape (in this fic) bc literally everyone else who ever stays at grimmauld (sirius, remus, marlene, harry, ron, draco, hermione) are gryffindors (except tonks) and they're all really close friends who banter with each other naturally.

honestly i have no idea why or how but i actually don't hate snape ? i guess it's because he has draco to care about and he isn't as much of a bullying git like he was in canon, plus he has an okay sense of humor and at least admits that harry is a decent human being. again, NO idea how you managed to get me to like snape but good job - it's not an easy feat.
10/11/2020 c29 joycezhanng
i like that you added this blood protection plot line so that harry and dudley can patch up their relationship. dudley's not too bad, and his last line "so, if magic's real, what about aliens?" had me laughing so hard.
10/10/2020 c21 joycezhanng
peter pettigrew disappears at the same spot of the seventh floor corridor where sirius’s motorbike was once stored COME ON SIRIUS WHY CANT YOU WORK IT OUT
10/10/2020 c16 joycezhanng
all of them - ron, hermione, draco (and maybe ginny) should become illegal animagi w help from harry and sirius and remus! that’ll be so freaking cool, like a new generation of marauders. and it’ll be helpful when they’re fighting voldemort too, of course.

hermione would be an otter bc of patronus and ron a jack Russell terrier (he could play w padfoot and harry!), and draco would be maybe a falcon or eagle or something like that? it’ll be convenient if he was something that could fly.
10/9/2020 c7 joycezhanng
"a bat. harry's got his godfather, now you've got yours."

9/20/2020 c53 LAB1
Another brilliant book in your series! Wormtail was a piece of work and I'm sort of glad he is missing part of his hand! I just love your Draco! You've captured his dry sarcasm so well and it is so amusing! I find myself laughing over his lines so often!
9/18/2020 c53 Emma Menheniott
Brilliant story great character development and use. Intense, funny and enjoyable.
8/4/2020 c53 Loose threads
Hope to find out what happened to buckbeak and more about sirius and the veil
7/17/2020 c53 Sleepyhawk502
-Great story! Poor Siruis, everything bad seems to happen to him. Thanks for sharing!
7/14/2020 c53 AS
I really liked that you continued to bring up Ginny not being okay in this story because really after being possessed by Tom Riddle for several months at the age of eleven, she was never going to heal overnight – so starting with Bill and Ginny talking, to Ginny making vague comments throughout the story (recognizing the ring, the spell she used after the train on Hydrus) about the previous year was a really good way to not just sweep what she went through under the rug.

This whole story was an interesting development in the relationship of Sirius and Harry as they fought a lot more, but resolved itself nicely as Sirius came to realize that Harry wasn’t always trying to put himself in danger for fun, and was doing it because he was often the only one who could do something, and Sirius couldn’t see that until he was there in the moment. Your Harry has developed into a more sensible one (most of the time), especially when you go back to Identity for example and Ron/Harry take the Knight Bus to Hogwarts and not the car, or when Harry mentions the voice to Padfoot instead of only telling his friends. Harry shouldn’t have run after Wormtail in Hogsmede and shouldn’t have been so upset with Padfoot keeping stuff from Harry since Padfoot is an Auror and some information has to be semi-secret, but I think overall there was growth from both Harry and Sirius in this in regards to Harry being in danger.

Returning to Privet Drive was an unexpected twist – while it was sad to think that Dudley really only seemed to be interested in Harry because he realized he was magical, it was nice to have a reconciliation. I thought it was clever how Harry got the photo of James and Sirius at the fridge since it was a nice tie-in to your story White Flag.

Harry’s “relationship” with Cho was such a disaster, but again it was another one of your story changes that I found myself liking especially because Harry’s date with Cho ended up being fairly terrible thanks to Wormtail’s direct influence, and then indirectly when Harry couldn’t go to Hogsmede without Sirius there.

Win and Lose was probably my favorite chapter because the joy that the team felt winning the cup was amazing to read, in addition to being thrilled Padfoot and Moony were there to see Harry catch the snitch – I know they normally come to the games but again it’s nice to read a story where Harry truly grows up with his godfather and godmother who cheer him on.

Overall, I’d been curious as to what you were going to do for Harry’s third year since Sirius was already innocent, and I thought the plot was set up really well with some familiar elements from the original book but also a creative story arc on your end that I thought led well into Harry’s fourth year because you’ve set up a lot of storylines that we see again throughout Harry’s fourth year (at least so far), which shows HOW much planning went into Harry becoming a Triwizard champion: we’re introduced to the idea that Voldemort wants Harry’s blood and we see the failed attempt of trying from Petunia, and then Peter refusing the blood Harry tries to give him, in addition to Harry revealing to Dumbledore that Karkaroff was in his dream. Crouch Jr. being in the ministry has been INTERESTING to say the least – you did a good job setting it up in Identity with him escaping, but the mystery of who he’s posing as drives me crazy especially as it’s still continuing in Intensity. I’m looking forward to that eventual reveal because I spend way too much time trying to find clues as to who it is. I am hoping with Intensity that we do see Sirius and Harry have a conversation about using the dark spell from Snape (Ginny’s line about the spell made me laugh – “what did you think a spell for enemies was going to do? Stun him?” because we can see how that’s playing out in Intensity with the gillyweed hesitancy, and while Sirius clearly wasn’t in the mindset to help Harry after the third year it looks like that’s still needed.

And finally, I love your continued decision to continue allowing the prophecy to be part of the story – it was a really nice wrap up scene to see Harry explain everything to his friends, and their desire to stick around him regardless. Even though Harry found out his first year, he found out at a very natural point (IE post poison and deserved an explanation) – similarly his friends saw that Harry knew Wormtail wouldn’t kill Harry directly, and naturally, wanted to know why.

Enjoyed as always :)
7/11/2020 c24 madformoony
6/16/2020 c53 Sandro
Just wanted to show my appreciation again. Identity and Impose were as awesome as I hoped they would be. I was particularly impressed of the last sentence of Identity that was practically poetic.
The climax of Impose and the tension was wonderful, as well. Also, you beautifully set up that it made sense for Ron to have the map before being captured.
I am really curious how it all develops and will promptly get into the next part!
6/13/2020 c53 1Divys
Oh, I think I really need a time-turner to have enough time for reading your stories :-)
The last chapters in the Room and in the forest were so dramatic! I stayed awake until 2 in the morning, but it was worth it:-) I'm so glad they are all alive...
In this part of your series it was hard for me to distinguish what is really important and was is not. So I forgot many things and was very surprised by the end - Lucius helping Wormtail - I had no idea! I expected something big with the time-turner or with the hippogriff. I need to say it again - you are an incredible writer, I really like your stories and I'm sure I will read them again. Thank you :-)
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