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1/14/2016 c1 Guest
So happy that you've started this one! And I love Ginny and Bill's relationship. Plus REMUS TONKS WEDDING. We'll actually get to see it this time!
1/14/2016 c1 3badgerlady
Excellent chapter, great beginning to the new installment. The last paragraph was perfect.
1/14/2016 c1 1Karrin
Woooooooooooooo u just made my day!
This is awesome, I love the fact that Serus now gives harry the benefit of doubt that he can now at least in part defend himself. I found in the orginal it wasn't until the 5th book that anyone really did that. So it is nice to see it earlier on.
1/14/2016 c1 mannu-minnie
I love Kreacher-Harry-Sirius interactions. Oh Mahn Tonks and Remus are getting married. I m jumping high. Bill is the smartest weasley. :P and he is cool. and one of my fav.

Congratulations on ur 11th story. I m loving your series as much as i loved the real HP.
1/14/2016 c1 3Nik1627
I can't wait for them to find other horocruxes n destroy them now!
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