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1/30/2018 c8 Amalthia
I had a great time reading your story! I loved Robin's pov, the character voices, the mission, and seeing how the team came together to stop the bad guys.
5/16/2017 c1 Dumbledore19
You should Totally make a Sequel! It was amazing. Loved it Soooo much!
11/12/2016 c7 Guest
Oh my god! They gotta make an episode for this fic O.o
9/25/2016 c8 4TimeturnerJasmy
Simply brilliant! I loved the characterisation, especially of Robin.
6/9/2016 c6 54Convenient Alias
So I love everything in this fic, but I just have to mention that I love this particular moment where Artemis has no idea what the team is talking about with the references to the first couple episodes. Girl missed a lot of stuff.
6/3/2016 c5 27Freefan1412
Awesome. Awesome. Really, really awesome. I'm really impressed with the character development here and Robin's doubts/(reflections. Especially how he did exactly what the league did to them, what Batman did to him, how didn't only keep quiet the way the League did but also adds a bit Batman-like manipulation on top. I really, really think you got Robin's character down to the last line - he's been doing this for 4 years, has been mentored and observed and learned from Batman for all that time. Given his secret poking curiosity and skill/talents in addition to the stuff he will have sucked up subconsciously...yeah, Robin is awesome and nice and social but I adore how you show here how some things are hard-wired into him, how it influences him without him noticing. Really, really awesome.
5/24/2016 c8 2cantorahagedoorn
Wonderful story!
I really enjoyed reading this.
I think you did a really good job writing Robin!
Keep up the good work!
5/10/2016 c8 4Cookiepiano
Holy crap. This was wonderfully done, and the plot-line and dialogue was spot on. Thank you for your time and effort to create this masterpiece.
4/1/2016 c8 nonstop19
Awesome story!
4/1/2016 c8 daydreamingbird
I loved this so much! You wrote robin's inner struggles and the interaction between the team really well . I only wish we could have had more of Dick and Batman's heart to heart since their dynamic is really intresesting
3/21/2016 c8 6fvhardy
Excellent story. Magnificently written. Well done.
3/2/2016 c8 Robbie
Amazing story. You definitely deserved to win the contest.
2/28/2016 c1 ARL15
I love those stories where it feels like it could be an actual episode of Young Justice, this is one of those stories!

First off, I love how you started this with the team bonding over horror movies, before we even got into their mission. The team just hanging out is something I wanted to see more of in the show.

Okay onto the mission: I really thought the explanation behind why the team had to take on this mission and why the League couldn't go made perfect sense. It was great to see a lot of role reversal going on in this story. I loved how Robin was not his usual confident self and wasn't overly excited about being the team leader. It was ironic how Robin trying to protect the team made him go into Batman mode and I loved that moment where the team put him in his place about trying to do the mission alone. Aside from that, I loved how we saw another side to KF and Superboy because they were so lost without their powers. Poor Superboy didn't even understand real pain until this mission. It was so wonderful seeing the humans protecting the metas and I loved how KF and Superboy had a better appreciation for Robin and Artemis after the mission. Also, it was great to see Robin regain his confidence as the mission went on.

I thought the plot was very interesting and very well thought out. I loved the amount of action in this story as well. The team taking on the guards to get to the third floor was such an epic moment. I loved the little tidbit with the Light at the end. I like how we originally thought the Light would be mad about the weapon being destroyed, but turns out they were happy. Also, the weapon being like a giant inhibitor collar was a nice touch. Robin making 'John Smith' angry with his usual cockiness after he destroyed the weapon was one of my favorite parts.

I so loved the moment where Dick and Bruce had a mini heart to heart in the Batcave and Bruce told Dick he could tell him anything that was bothering him. I can never get enough Daddybats!

You have had me so spoiled with how well you write big brother Roy that now I want him to be in all your stories. I understand Roy wasn't really needed in this story, but I'd still would have loved to have seen him.

I really enjoyed reading this, fantastic story!
2/23/2016 c8 6Biancachu
This was great! You definitely deserved that win in the contest so congratulations!
Everyone in here felt in character to me, which can be a hard thing to do.
This honestly felt like one of YJ's better episodes. The action, the mood, the characters, the writing, and even the humor were all superb.
There were few mistakes and the plot was interesting. You held my attention all the way.
2/21/2016 c8 27Bookworm85
I loved it! Great action scenes, great banter between the Team. I liked when Robin tried to cheer up Superboy in chapter three by telling the embarrassing story about Wally giving himself a concussion. You did a good job balancing humor with angst. Although I liked the episode Disordered, I don't think the Team would have completely recovered from the fail-safe mission by the end of that episode. This story added to the recovery process.

I also loved the ending scene- Everything is going according to the Light's plan.
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