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10/16 c1 tyry95
And, just in case you didn't realise by now I'm calling it. Rey is Luke Skywalkers kid. I am almost certain of this and am willing to put it in writing, which I just did!


She does call herself Rey Skywalker I guess..
10/9 c23 devildogg237
You know, I now know what I thought was wrong with the story. It the B-1’s. They weren’t made until close to the clone wars, trade federation had OOM models at this time... I.e models controlled by a control ship, not free thinkers like the B-1(which also were so separated they could only be spliced not hacked.

Good show regardless, but something I noticed.
10/9 c28 31Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora
I hope my review before didn't see too harsh, because this is a good work, that's just what I didn't like
10/9 c29 Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora
You should switch the in progress button to complete. I liked this, and there were a few mistakes, such as off instead of of.
My main complaint is, there was too much war and not enough people. I skipped over most the fight because it was too long and boring, and like I don't see where the story can go, and the damage was overr done. Yes, deaths on both sides is gone, but you implied a lot of Naboo and Corscant is destroyed.
Other than that, good story! I found the discovery of Luke and Chewie surprising but it was under done.
6/22 c1 ramen13
Lol hi I’m from 2020, you got the skywalker part right
5/4 c1 Guest
Will u complete the war hammer star wars cross over
4/25 c1 11TheDilettante
ya dun goofed, rey is not skywalker's kid
4/23 c1 Occasus3
spoiler Palpatine is her grandfather
4/16 c7 17Juste Cllia
Thank you for this story! Stealing Maul ship, that is such a new twist in the world of star wars time travel.
3/25 c26 AnthonyR89
...pretty sure Luke is around the same strength as Anakin, dude. in other words, a whole hell of a lot stronger than Plo Koon or Mace Windu.
3/25 c24 AnthonyR89
...you previously had Gunray not even knowing the girl's name, but now you say she's his niece.
3/24 c22 AnthonyR89
...there aren't nearly enough b1 battle droids on coruscant to take on the temple, dude. B1s are incompetent and weak. if they were BX, Magna Guard, and Droideka, the jedi might have something to worry about, but not B1s.
3/24 c21 AnthonyR89
...you've turned Darth Jar Jar into the Joker.
3/23 c11 AnthonyR89
...Six jedi? unless they're at least at the level of Qui-Gonn, if not Dooku or Windu, i don't see six average knights being too much trouble for Maul. especially not if he's smart enough to hire a few mercs to help him.

also, i'm pretty sure Jabba was still pretty much an up and comer at this point, not even in charge of his own clan. not fully, anyway.

and there were other jedi still alive when Luke began his training other than Yoda and Obi-Wan. offhand, Bardin Jusik and Rahm Kota come to mind. not too mention Ashoka and the dude from Rebels who's name i can't recall and don't care enough about to google. also, Arligan Zay.
3/23 c10 AnthonyR89
i've never liked Ki Ad-Mundi. or Windu, for that matter. don't really have an opinion on Billaba. i do like Plo Koon though, for the most part. though their lack of support for Ashoka when the order betrayed her somewhat soured me on him and Shaak Ti.

honestly, if you look at the situation critically, most of the jedi in this era don't exactly come off all that well. i pretty much loathe Obi-Wan from shortly after the end of the prequels. brainwashing and priming a kid to unknowingly kill his own father is not okay, regardless of the circumstances. to say nothing of keeping the fact that he still has family alive hidden from him, even after Owen and Beru are murdered.

an argument could be made that the Jedi, as they were at the rise of the empire, deserved to be destroyed. needed to be, in fact. that Anakin really DID bring balance to the force, first by wiping out most of the jedi, then by killing Palpatine.
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