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1/27/2016 c3 lizlil
Ohh. I love it. 3 I'm waiting for the rest of the team : Jemma , Coulson , May and their roulettes.
1/21/2016 c2 Guest
1/21/2016 c2 5Ophelia Claire
And when Skye wants revenge, you know it's going to happen...
1/15/2016 c1 40Juliet Knighly
GAHHHH THE DAYS WHEN THEY WERE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! MY HEART HURTS! I want this back so bad, with all of the original team being friends (and lovers, in the case of SkyeWard.) Forget Jed Whedon, we fan girls have the real power. We create the worlds we want! YOU ARE AMAZING, THIS FIC WAS SO UPLIFTING, SO GLAD YOU REPUBLISHED IT!
1/15/2016 c1 Guest
Haha lol
1/15/2016 c1 5Ophelia Claire
Haha, you're back! Yay!
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