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4/6 c49 Innieminnie
Maaaan...so she's probanly going to split herself into two? One for her home world, another here?
4/6 c48 Innieminnie
Man things just got so much more complicated. can't a woman go back to her family in peace?!
4/6 c46 Innieminnie
Zevran is my favorite too, but I'm judging you Mrs. Faithful
4/6 c31 Innieminnie
Lmao Doesn't involve your character! She faithful, everything up to now is just a teaaase!
4/6 c30 Innieminnie
No Alistair though?
4/6 c29 Innieminnie
Technically it shouod be all of them since they all survived in whatever origin you picked
4/6 c28 Innieminnie
Wow. Rael... Rael can go suck an egg! Screw that guy.
4/6 c27 Innieminnie
You got Oren though, Thats something
4/5 c23 Innieminnie
Damn, these poor Origin bois. I hope they find their own lady loves.
4/5 c22 Innieminnie
Well dang. Those poor sods. Our MC is faithful.
4/5 c8 Innieminnie
It's so heartbreaking when people actually have lives and families they wish to go back to dearly. Especially mothers! I feel for her so much...I hope she gets back too!
4/5 c7 Innieminnie
You fave your oc a husband and two kids on purpose! Now we can't in good conscious root for our elf boy! Uwaaa!
4/5 c6 Innieminnie
What about her elf friend ! !
4/5 c4 Innieminnie
I wish she was a mage teehee. xD
2/24/2020 c84 Judy
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