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for The War of Virtues (discontinued)

4/7/2016 c4 1RookieWriter96
Ahah man, great chapter guys. I'm not going to blather on about how much I loved it, because I truly did ...
Now the questions:
- I don't know which tribute I preferred, but I'll go with Grace (Poor girl, hope she does well to piss off the District folk) they are both great, fleshed out characters with solid backstories ️
- I tend to skim through the A/N... Sorry bout it. But it makes my head hurt but the general question is always if I prefer Brooke or Ans: I love you both equally, Brooke however is far sassier

Great chapter and can't wait to see what happens next ️
-Nellie xoxox
4/5/2016 c4 Apollo's Slytherpuff Daughter
Hi! Sorry this is late. I am xGred-Forgex, I changed my name.

I don't know! The third person part?

Kent. No offense to anyone, but Kent.



See ya around!
4/5/2016 c4 7WizardDemigodGladerGatekeeper
Look at that, my review is just so incredibly late.
Sorry guys...
BUT AMAZING CHAPTER! These two are seriously unique, and I've never seen characters like them from One. Even Kent, who seems antagonistic is cool. Also, Goddamn, Aiden is boss. Just Boss.

1)the train rides. Because... well, just because.
3) Um, you two wrote it, how will it NOT be good?
4) again, it's the two of you. Ansley and Brooke hilarious

4/3/2016 c4 6Nemris
Ah, finally we get a look at our first tributes.

1) I would say Kent's if I had to choose, but I don't feel like any was really over the other, I quite liked all of them.

2) Again I would say Kent, though it is really close. I like schemy types who look after themselves over others. BUT Christ, Grace really has some emotion with her, seriously. I got sorry for her more than once in this chapter. If it was a choice in the category who woke more emotions in me, Grace would wipe the floor with Kent. That "Nobody wants me!"- right in the heart. I think I might have found already someone who I am going to feel bad about when they die... And we have only seen one district so far!

3) Really good chapter, a certain character really made me feel emotions, not saying who. Brilliant writing with depicting the tributes, well done. They feel truly alive.

4)... you seriously except me to estimate an AN made by YOU GUYS with something as simple and limited as fun or not?!
Keep up the good work.
4/3/2016 c4 29dreams and desperation
I preferred Kent's. I also liked Grace's. I hate 3rd person. ._.


It was pretty good.

No, Brooke and Annie. It was horrible. As always, of course. ;)

Love: Kent, Grace

Are you going in district order? Because if so, baby Remus (is it okay to call him a baby? Meh, his evil can be overlooked in my reviews) is next, yay! I can't wait to see how you [Ansley] writes him! :3 Update soon!
4/3/2016 c4 BooksNotLooks
Hi! This review's gonna be biased 'cause... You know, Grace. Is. Mine.

1) Grace's. I'm really proud about how you guys portrayed her.
2) Grace. Because. She. Is. Mine.
3) Nice! I liked Kent, too - he's interesting and will probably be fun to watch. And then, you know, Grace.
4) I liked how you guys put A: or B: so we know who's talking. And it was honestly pretty tame.

Good job!
4/3/2016 c4 1starrymidnight16
1. The train rides. Allister was an asshole but I still loved the POV.

2. Kent. He was very relatable, and while I didn't loathe Grace or anything, something about her just seemed a bit off.

3. You both are amazing writers on your own, but together you're a whole new degree of amazingness. XD I loved the chapter, update when you can!

4. Very... interesting. And I'm planning on moving to England if Trump is elected so... XD I'm also going to see the blog.
4/3/2016 c4 The Emerald Queen 88
1) I'm thrown with the fav POV's... they were all good, and
2) I can't choose. Both Kent and Grace are unique District 1 tributes, for sure. I like Kent's personality, how he can be manipulative and all that, but it's for his own survival, not because he can. I liked Grace because of her personality, and her backstory, and the fact she's one of the youngest District 1 tribute I've seen.
4) Yep. It was definitely interesting as well. Now... OFF TO SEE THAT BLOG.
4/3/2016 c4 imembarrassedofmyfanfiction
It's been a while hasn't it

1) Keeeeeeeent. No, Grace. Weellll... Both. I guess both.


3) YUS

4) Yup

4/3/2016 c4 CluelessWriter23
A solid chapter, as always, and I will go back and review the chapter I've missed. I like both of these tributes: Kent is enigmatic, Graces story is tragic... Yes, Grace is whiny but can you blame her? I just can't wait to see what tricks she has up her sleeve: I don't doubt for a second that there's something more going on there... She's definitely got secrets and I can't wait for them to come spelling out. I pity these tributes in a way because their mentors seem like Grade A douchebags: Allister is creepy too, there's something 'off' about him. Can't wait to see Delphine debut in the next chapter
3/3/2016 c1 2Beautifully.Wonderfully
Hoping for an update soon!
2/12/2016 c3 TheEmeraldQueen
1) For my safety, I'm not answering this, that and because your both fabulous.
2) Yeah, she seems cool, and I liked that for a game maker, she's willing to get in trouble, and she's pretty different from other capitilites we've met.
3) YEAH! I literally fangirled when I saw Ant get in. YAY! Umbar didn't get in, but I made him while a horror movie was playing, and I wasn't exactly happy with what I got. I was proud of Antonio (Who's name I stole from my Italian textbook XD), and so happy he got in, but I would have read this story either way.
2/14/2016 c3 6Nemris
2: Mangaria seems quite a decent , especially in comparison with some other people we have had the honor of meeting.
3: Yes, he did indeed get in, thank you so much, so my readership is pretty much secured.
Keep up the good work.
2/13/2016 c3 li'l fat necrosis
i wanna thank everyone for submitting because pavel needs friends. shame they're all gonna die by his hand.
2/13/2016 c3 Procastinate
1) Uh...I don't want to pick any of you b/c it prolly won't end well xD

2) She seems alright. I need to see more of her personality to make an effective judgement.

3) Yep! I was going to keep read anyways because I love your guys' writing style!
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