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3/5/2016 c1 4kellyanne2192
I have to tell you, I've always been a staunch supporter of Team Bass but this story very nearly cracked me. You definitely made me realize HOW essential Charlie is in creating a more-human Bass. Without her influence (which she clearly wasn't in a position to give in this story), Bass may never have evolved the way he did. Great job as always for making me see Revolution in a new light!
1/23/2016 c1 13TexasRevoFan
Haha WHOA. I did NOT see that ending coming, oh my god. Whaaaaat. This is dark as hell. Really well-written and compelling and just... yikes. I hate to think that even General Monroe would be this evil, but if the Tower hadn't happened, who knows? Poor Charlie.
1/16/2016 c1 6jaqofspades
Oh, that was a harsh, sharp cut little gem. Gorgeously written, so incredibly sad (that last sentence just ... ouch.) Charlie's forbearance and hope, only to have it all dragged away; and the horrible little suspicion that psychopath he is, Monroe doesn't want to kill her, wants to keep her, but grants her death as a form of mercy.
1/16/2016 c1 romeokijai
Oh, RyansDreamMaker, thank you for this stunningly heartbreaking piece! Not a happy Charloe story at all, but a very beautiful story nonetheless. A few of us were just talking about the need for darker, less pleasant fanfics in the Revo fandom, because really - these characters have a lot of potential - Monroe especially - to be as dark as you wrote them/him here. The Revo world is not a world of puppies holding kittens and while some of us do enjoy writing fluffier, happier, sunnier versions of these characters, I think it's nice to have variety. And honestly? This feels more authentic to The General than a lot of fics I've read. He's dark and demented and batshit, and it's so perfectly HIM. I think you did such a fantastic job capturing all the grit and grime and darkness that these characters could very well inhabit.

And you know, I can totally see Monroe killing Charlie at the end and being 100% that he's doing her a favor. I do wonder, though, if he'd be willing to take a mother away from her child? Especially after what he went through with his own family? But I guess he did that with Rachel, in a sense, and when you're as deranged as Monroe is in this story, you don't really think through those things. I could see this ultimately destroying him even more, especially if Miles someday DOES show up and finds out that Charlie and Danny are dead and that Benny is Charlie's son.

Outstanding job with this one. Thanks for writing and sharing!
1/16/2016 c1 32hayj
Well damn, didn't see that one coming. However, given his state of mind, I can totally see this as a possible outcome. Several of us were just talking about how, given the world that they live in, happy endings aren't always plausible for our favorites. I think you did a great job on portraying the crazy side of Monroe and the lengths he'd go to.
1/16/2016 c1 2MDRevolutionFan
Wow! Just wow! This is so dark and I liked it up until the end.
But I don't understand why Monroe killed her (or Danny for that matter). Monroe was going pretty crazy in the 2nd half of s1, so it makes sense that he'd be cruel to her, but even with that, it doesn't make sense to me that he'd kill her or Danny because I think even a crazy Monroe would feel SOMETHING for the mother of his child and would want her to raise him.
All that said, I think this is overall a good, but VERY dark story, and I think I understand why you wrote it.

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