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1/22/2017 c24 7seized blue
too much fluff and my heart cannot take it anymore
6/20/2016 c24 KitFox
That's it. I'm dead. Too much fluff. I absolutely LOVE this fanfic and it never fails to keep me on my toes, and I have NO COMPLAINTS. I can imagine Iggy's kids being extremely smart and educated (but also tough because I their mother) and Gil's kids as witty and arrogant while being tough like soldiers. Ah! Sorry for my rant! Continue the good work!
6/9/2016 c24 Sugar22
I can totally see the future when Sakura and Erzsi are talking about their lifes as married women and how are they raising their kids , while Gil and Iggy are stalking the kids in the garden XD ... I love these pairings and I am happy that I have found this fanfic. I enjoyed every word of it. Keep up the good work cuz your stories are awesome.
6/9/2016 c24 5mimi-chan and aliling-chan
I am bubbling and I am smiling over this. I am so hyped up just reading this! Thank you for writing this story! I love it! Yup Iggy being a protective father is expected. Though Papa Bear suits China more than Iggy tbh (in my head). Prussia? Hmm...he'll stalk his daughter (if he has one) all the way, reminds me of Kagetora from KnB. Somehow I can imagining him holding his daughter's underwear and his daughter might just use the frying pan. If a son, Gilbert would definitely teach him the good stuff (like how he teach Ludwig I think).

Iggy's daughter would be very much adorable (maybe I might be tempted to shop clothes for her other than crushing her with a hug)
6/7/2016 c23 Sugar22
YEEEEEEES . Finally some PruHun action. It is my OTP . I am so glad that you started this fanfic. It is as awesome as Prussia and I wish it never ended.
Amazing story and beautiful writing.
Keep up the good work
6/4/2016 c21 KitFox
Words cannot express the love I have for this fanfic. The grammar is wonderful, the plot is smooth and interesting, and I love how you portray the characters. While I don't ship England and Japan, the way you portray their love is heartwarming. {THAT PRUHUN THO} I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work.
6/5/2016 c22 mimi-chan and aliling-chan
Yessss! I'll be rolling on the bed now then. It's too good! I was cheering yes all over! Thank you for this chapter!
6/2/2016 c21 2Mely-Val
5/28/2016 c21 5mimi-chan and aliling-chan
Birthday eve but due to the poor signal of my aunt's house and the surrounding areas, internet is so poor and all so I read this a bit late. PruHun all the way, I like to see Gilbert slightly arrogant self...with Elizabeta...even a little and more AsaSaku romantic moments~, I'll dig my grave in advance so I can just fall in there due to too much fluff
5/16/2016 c19 mimi-chan and aliling-chan
Ooh a jealous Artie~, last chapter was pretty amusing especially when he and Gilbert were on the same side. Right now it's my sem break~, I'll be waiting for more chapters from you and I am still hoping for some adorable moments of AsaSaku that will make me smile like a weird person
3/21/2016 c11 Guest
Nooooo, Giripan noooo! TOT Fool tsundere Arthur!
3/21/2016 c5 Guest
This is a lovely story! PruHun for the win 3
3/20/2016 c11 Watermeloni
Why are you so stubborn sometimes Arthur?
3/21/2016 c11 2Mely-Val
Greece? Oh my XD can be Turkey there also? And pick a fight with him over japan? Like they always do? Lol
3/6/2016 c8 Guest
NICE! Arthur's cute and jealous! And Roderich...! It will be very interesting.
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