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for Zutara Month 2015 Drabbles

7/14/2016 c2 5xxZutaraFanxx
Great first part but chapter 2 is a bit messed up with regard to its layout. You might want to check it out.
4/5/2016 c1 A Princess of Winterfell
Um... you really wanna know what he did to your sister, Sokka?
Good story, but there are some grammar issues that should be fixed to make your point clearer. For example, "'Zuko!' she hissed." The last female you mentioned before that was Toph. Even though you were referring to Katara, it looked like Toph was the one speaking.
1/17/2016 c1 1Dr.BlackCoffee
I would like to read the continuation now.
1/16/2016 c1 TheNightstriker
When was zutara month? It's 2016 this year in case u forgot or something but hah their adorable I like the first chapter looking forward to more :D

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