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for The Lost First-Born

12/12/2021 c7 3Waaghmaster13
With the swarm, killing is all you can do. Two will fight, one will triumph, one will be stronger, the way of the swarm.
12/12/2021 c3 Waaghmaster13
You FOOLS. What have you DONE?
11/10/2021 c12 Jade
Its been 4 years since the laat update
7/22/2021 c10 Guest
Hey author i know how youre fealing about your story but can you try to ask another author to write it for you? Like litterly? Because im a fan of this story and im want to read more ,so try ask another another author.
3/8/2021 c12 15Vanessa Masters
Please Stop!" said Steven ", I know you've had past conflicts but can't we all just sit down and talk it out please?"

"NO!" yelled all three.

"For the Swarm!"

"Hail to the Dominion!"

"En Taro Artanis!"

Steven formed a bubble in fear as all three seemed to be about to attack.


In a bright light, the Crystal Gems place now stood the towering form of Alexandrite.

The giant gem towered over the three puny fighters.

"There has been ENOUGH killing today! I don't care what but If Steven says to sit down and talk it out, you will sit down and talk it out!"

Zerg, Terran, and Protoss all stared at the giant form of Alexandrite. Niadra had lost her swarm, Paul only had a damaged suit of CMC armor on him left, and Alinar was tired and alone again. Still, they hesitated.

"NOW!" yelled Alexandrite forming all three weapons at once.

Immediately, guns were dropped, psionic energy was dispersed, and spines were retracted.

So epic

I hope we can get some answers, as paul will be confused about how Earth isn't terran
3/8/2021 c11 Vanessa Masters
Phew, okay so the gem ship took out the brood mother and that's it for the Zerg.
3/8/2021 c10 Vanessa Masters
Intriguing, he was able to delve into lapis mind.
3/8/2021 c9 Vanessa Masters
Oh gotta find that Hive, and now some dominion action in space.
3/8/2021 c8 Vanessa Masters
Overal it just hurt!

Despite, he still put weight on his legs and struggled to rise.

"Ey um... you alright? that scream seemed painful for you."


Alinar could not make sense of the voice, hand on his shoulder, and face in his eyes. Amethyst, who had just commited fusion not to long ago, was standing with him in her singular form.

"You... separated? How?"

"Uh we just do," said Amethyst.

"Come. We have more things to talk about," said Pearl.

Alinar stood up but fell. His chest fell on top of the purple hand of Amethyst.

"Wow there man! Don't fall over." said Amethyst as she hoisted him back up.

Alinar sighed. There would be a lot of explaining to do.


Oh yeah, it's different for protss than gems, because protos aren't just light.
3/8/2021 c7 Vanessa Masters
Intense! Connie and the gems thinking alinar did that, but it's the zerg! They must be stoped or this world is doomed!
3/8/2021 c6 Vanessa Masters
Oh Lord, ronaldo
3/8/2021 c5 Vanessa Masters
So that's how he got caught.
3/8/2021 c4 Vanessa Masters
Garnet sighed and sat down on the chair Pearl previously sat on. She looked down at the golden object. The Probe still sat there still crushed. Pearl had atleast managed to shape it up a but failed to do anymore. The technology was just too complex. Their original plan was to try and find anything useful in the Protoss technology. Maybe even records that could explain why Homeworld had put interest back into the Earth. It was a risky plan though. Garnet very well knew the devastation Protoss kind could bring with their powers and technology. Pearl had her own fair knowledge from the past. Amethyst however, was born on Earth and had never seen the devastation the Protoss could bring.

Yes, the Gems had superiority in some areas such as physical strength and mobility, but the Protoss more than made up for it with their tech. Power suits, armor, and heavily armored mechanical units more than made up for strength. Weapons from psi-blades, particle disrupters, phase dirupters, anitmatter, lasers, thermal lances, and more towered over Gem firepower. Even in ariel combat, the Protoss trumped over Homeworld. Garnet could remember the sight of a mothership warping into the battlefield.

The Protoss also seemed to be experts in exploration and colonization. To a base, it would take atleast a few days to get any foothold. The Protoss only needed one probe to get an even stronger foothold within an hour. And in front of her lay one of those probes. Crushed and disfunctional.

To think that one of these could bring devastation to this planet. Garnet was curious though. The Protoss had brought up Terrans. It was hard to imagine humans that were so frail to hold the ability to travel space and fight off the Protoss. It was a wonder how Homeworld had not already stumbled upon them. Perhaps there was just more unexplored space? Alinar did briefly mention something called the Zerg.

Homeworld had conquered countless numbers of native races on planets. Some were as primitive as the humans on Earth. Sometimes even more. A select few even had developed space travel and put up an admirable resistance. It was quiet disgusting really. Countless lives lost to the colonization of planets.

All just to serve the selfish desires of the Diamonds...



Yes, so confusing. And fixing the drone would be a kind gesture, amethyst hears about the zerg. AND ONE IS THERE NOW!
3/8/2021 c3 Vanessa Masters
"He was just showing me a vision of the future!" said Steven ", They had cookie cats again!"

"Not the future... the present," said Alinar weakly

"The Present!" gasped Steven ", Thats even better! Can we go see it!?"

"Perhaps one day," said Alinar ", as for now, I am lost."

Steven gasped with starry eyes.

Alinar looked at the Crystal gems. ", It seems that I was wrong about you." said Alinar ", You really do protect this planet."

"Well of course we do!" said Amethyst ", and whats up with the sudden change of mind?"

"I had to link our minds to let him see the vision," said Alinar ", and when doing so, I could see into his memories. I did not think possible but you are defying your matriarchs."

Alinar slowly got to his feet. The crystal gems tightened their grip on their weapons but relaxed a little when they saw the zealot limping and in no battlestance.

"Tell me... how is this possible?" asked Alinar ", The Protoss believed the gems to be under constant mental control like the Zerg."

"Well whats a Zerg?" said Amethyst.

Alinar just stared at the purple gem ",Hmf... then you are lucky to not run into them. But do answer me how this is possible."

"Controlled by the diamonds directly?" said Pearl ", No! we were just really loyal! That is, until we did realize the errors of our ways... well... atleast some of us."

"Wait what are the diamonds?" asked Steven.

Alinar looked at Steven and back to the Gems ", You have not told him yet?"

The three gems evidently avoided eyecontact with Steven with slight guilt.

"It is alright," said Alinar finally ",I believe I understand."


Hmmm, what's going on? Is alinor in another time, or alternate universe?
3/8/2021 c2 Vanessa Masters
Oh dear, he didn't believe garnet, got his special psychic tendril snapped and his poor probe crushed
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