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12/12/2018 c3 Analena
Any chance of an update? Please don't say that you have given up on this story. I hope you'll read this.
6/15/2018 c2 Analena
Dear Captain Evermind, any chance of an update soon? :)
2/13/2018 c22 12Altariel de Valinor
When I was waiting for another chapter of this fic (after you promise that you won’t abandon it), I was rereading the lasts chapters (there’s a lot of things that I really like in chapters 20 and 21). And then, I noticed something about chapter 21: the first time, I thought that cell which is those one that Mycroft found it, it was Sherlock’s cell (as Mycroft thought), but then, when I reread, I noticed that it isn’t Sherlock’s cell because his cover is still intact and there’s not reason to keep him in a some class of high secure cell (unless that Sherlock’s paragraphs had been flashbacks), no one knows who is him yet, so this is most probably Knight’s cell!

And as I can see, I’m not far away from the truth, isn’t it? That last sentence it’s not something that Sherlock could answer to his “dear brother” (or he playing cards… unless, as I said, all of those Sherlock’s paragraphs had been flashbacks).

Sherlock is quite fine. Bruised but fine. Perhaps because this last months I’ve read a lot of injured Sherlock’s fics (quite too much), I thank you for not fall in the temptation of “Sherlock-so-bad-that-he-gonna-die”… not yet XD

And he’s thinking (or dreaming?) with John XD

What will happen with this triangleeee? (read it singing, please XD). Oh, come on, Mary! You could do a very good job in a place like Guantanamo (not yet, too XD; I really wanna see John and Mary’s break XD… if there will be… I know, you’ve never promised nothiiiing XD).

Next, please! I’ll be waiting here :D
2/13/2018 c22 Analena
Yep, it's certainly been a while, but I'm hoping things will pick up a bit now that Mycroft has gotten into that room. (Minutes for him, months for us. ;))
How will Sherlock react when he realises that all or most of the guards have vanished? And will he be pleased when he sees the motley crew who have come to find him?
I'm guessing not very, although that dream about John was rather illuminating. ;)
Now we also have the mysterious agent Mr Knight to meet; something of a bitter-sweet reunion for Mycroft, I'll wager.
Please update soon, pretty please, or at least, sooner. I so want to find out what happens next.
2/1/2018 c21 Guest
2/1/2018 c14 Guest
Is this gonna turn in to john/ Sherlock or something because you really are trying to break john and mary up
2/1/2018 c9 Guest
I actually feep bad for mary and sherlock too because over the last couple seasons john was a dick to both of them
1/7/2018 c21 Erielaw
One of the most tantalizing fanfic stories I’ve read. Reader Left with Cliffhanger / so unjust after faithful reading of 21 chapters. Hurry back and inspire us some more.
9/3/2017 c20 Altariel de Valinor
Oh! I know what I said on the other review about my Johnlock tendency, but I know you haven't promised nothing about who will be with who at the end (and this is so stimulating). I will read even if John doesn't stay with Sherlock at end.

I think it was necesary to make it clear ;)

See you!
9/3/2017 c21 Altariel de Valinor
F***! I love and hate at same time how Sherlock is in John's mind and John in Sherlock's, because I'm terrified of John stays with Mary at end. Really.

I really liked John's reactions when sees Mycroft in Sherlock's suit. Or the name of John's daughter: Billie! In Sherlock's name honor! (and whe he told this to his wife!)

(And the nickname Bilbo... I'm Tolkien fan XDDD)

So many chapters and as usual on a case like this, it's so hard to write a correct review (aside I'm not so fluent in English XD).

I love this Mycroft-bad-person (and Irene's-lover, in the original show it's a posibility and you are one of the few - even the only one - who had used that). Really, I love when somebody draw Mycroft as a not-good-person (you have made him to kill one of own brothers!), but I especially enjoyed about your Mary. More complex than the original Mary and so, a more believable character.

A Greg x Molly is a thing that I only start to considerate but looks nice.

Because that you said at start, I imagined a lot of possible couples (in fact, I was reluctant starting to read, because I didn't believe that "Johnlock things" would be so... explicit and interesting - I'm an enthusiast and very old Johnlock fan, after all - because I thought there was a lot of John x Mary unpleasant fluff), so, now I'm thinking in Mary x Irene things and something like that XDDDD (Oh! This Mycroft x Theodore breeze likes me a lot).

Ok, I have spoken only about relationships and I'm really embarrassed because I really like the "spy things" (well, that's why I like your Mary a lot).

Oh! It's so obviously what I want to know: Is Sherlock not so... bad? Has he been (even more) tortured? (I have to admit I really... enjoy when a fanficker makes Sherlock hurt) What will Mary do next? What will John do next (about Mary, about Sherlock, about his marriage, about his life)? Somebody will die? What will happen with Greg and Molly? If Knight is alive (and they found him), what will Mycroft do?

What will you do John Watson?

I hope there will be more and more chapters, because even after Sherlock will be extracted; there will still be a lot of circles to close. In fact, it could be the "real" start of John and Mary's problems XD

See you!
8/24/2017 c21 R-F
Hey Captain Evermind,
this is a great story! I like it really much, especially that its kind of serious about relationships and how to get along with each other. Not so cliché-like like some other storys.
Its also a great idea, of a "what if" (in this cas, what if Sherlock really got on tht plane). And itreally cool, how all his friends go on a recue-mission for Sherlock. ;)
You also managed to to write from the view of every character, so that no ones left behind.
So, I like your story very much and would be most happy to read more of it! :)
Hope to hear from you soon and many greetings,
PS: Sorry for any mistakes, Im not a native english speaker. ;)
8/22/2017 c21 Analena
Another terrific chapter, the little scene in the gatehouse made me giggle, Greg's comments were hilarious, as jJohn said, "You're enjoying this way too much" LOL.
The references to Tinker Tailor were also funny, Irene obviously never takes things too seriously, it was probably best that John did the shooting.
Mary got to show off her CIA honed skills. And Mycroft is just about to find out who those four soldiers are guarding. is it Sherlock or an old acquaintance?
Please update soon.
8/21/2017 c21 fifi
I just love this story !
7/30/2017 c20 15pona
Great, a new chapter!
I understand you about season 4... It's hard to continue a fic when the last season of our favorite tv show turns like this...
So much anger in this chapter! All the characters seem to be ready to go for the throat of the others... And I dislike Mary even more than before but I have always been very doubtful about her and the season 4 has made her dreadful for me.
With so much anger and resentment, rescuing Sherlock becomes even more hard.
I hope for a new chapter soon and, again, I am sorry for all the English mistakes, I'm French...
Good luck for the next!
7/30/2017 c20 Analena
Glad you're back. :)
Oh dear, the not so fast, and furious five don't seem like the ideal group to try and break IN to a heavily guarded US government "facility"/prison. They seem more likely to turn on one another, I have a sinking feeling that someone's going to get shot and it may not be an accident.
Plus the more parties involved, the greater the chance of things going wrong.
Wow! Things have really gone downhill between John and Mary, will rescuing Sherlock bring them back together or push them further apart?
You just know that Sherlock (a) is not going to be pleased to see them and (b) will accuse them of spoiling his plans. Ungrateful brat. ;)
Yep, S4 didn't go the way I imagined it would either, but don't let it distract you from this story, I'm looking forward to finding out what happens when they get to Guantanamo and just how they plan on getting inside.
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