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9/4/2021 c1 EnglishBookLover
Love the start.

Would love to see the completed story.
2/2/2016 c1 LuckyBlueMoon13
I've been there too hon. You're not alone in feeling that way and it most certainly isn't your fault! Remember that! You've tried putting yourself out there with them, tried to get involved with what they plans, but it's all on them for making you feel left out and hurt by their actions. It's not at all pleasant to be the outcast of a group especially when you didn't put yourself in that placement. ️ I don't know you personally but from what you wrote in the short chapter, you much be an amazing and lovely person. Not just for trying to stick with them, for trying to go out with their lot, but for noticing that the way they are treating you is wrong and no one should EVEN feel dismissed that way. If they don't know they are doing it, you should tell them, and maybe they would realize the wrong they've done to you. But if it's as similar to the situation that you wrote about here in the story, maybe it's time for some new friends for you? People who will truly appreciate you for who you are. ️ Don't give up dear! There are people out there that are meant to be your friend and who will matter in the long haul. ️ Best wishes to you!
2/1/2016 c1 KrisO
The best revenge would be Bella finding happiness and leaving those girls behind. (Speaking from experience). I hope you continue.
1/19/2016 c1 heygirl18
Aww sweetie I'm so sorry that you're going through this. It definitely doesn't mean there's something wrong with you - it's them! - and you should try not to let their narrow-mindedness get to you.

Having been in your shoes, I know how much this hurts. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off - they aren't worth your time.

I'd love for you to continue with this if you're feeling up to it :)

Sending you happy thoughts from Australia x
1/19/2016 c1 frostedglaze
So why did Jessica invite Bella? I think this was her mean girl way of telling Bella she is unwanted. Honestly those girls sound crappy, It wouldn't surprise me if one of them was sleeping with another's husband.

It is time Bella got new friends. If her old friends never talk to her, Bella can find great new friends who are her intellectual equal, and who know how to be friends.

I would love if you continue this.
1/19/2016 c1 2Tall and Simple
I love this story oneshot! This short little chapter describes my entire life; those lonely night I sob to sleep are all too familiar.
Anyways, I would love it if you continued (might be even cathartic for you).
1/19/2016 c1 marilynnellsworth
I feel for you, I only have one female friend and she is married and has a life also. I used to have more female friends, but when they talk about you behind your back and do other things, I decided I could get threw life with out them. Hang in there, there are better things in your future. Take the story on and let this person find a life with these friends looking in the window.
1/19/2016 c1 alexandrew
My heart breaks for Bella and then to read it is your true story... I am sorry you went through all of that.

The title really does some things up. I believe this happens to everyone at some point. I am also shy a.d have trouble connecting with other women. This scenario has played out for me. The only wisdom I have learned from my own experience is to be honest. Your friends will either show true colors and you will breakup, or things will change. If you breakup, it is for the best, they are toxic for you.
It is hard to move on due to fear of being alone, but it is also freeing you to challenge yourself to try something new and you will find new was my truth.
1/19/2016 c1 wambam45
Bella's friends are mean girls. We learn from Kindergarten to include everyone or feelings will be hurt. They are obviously doing this on purpose. She should cut her losses and make new friends but she should definitely ask them what the deal is. Maybe she will learn something about herself that will help in future friendships. Join a gym, book club or do some volunteer work to meet other people. She has to put herself out there. Maybe Edward has some friends she can meet. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but honestly if people consistently make you feel bad about yourself then they are not worth your efforts. I enjoy your writing. Please continue this.
1/19/2016 c1 thereisa-bella18
First off I would like to say your an amazing writer! This story touches my heart and soul, it's so sad that this happens so much in today's world and so called friends can treat such a beautiful woman this way.

All I can say is this sounds like me, back in my final years of school and afterwards.
During the time at school from being left out by people saying they were my friends I studied for my future and worked for my dad's private company to kill the pain, during that time I found a couple of true friends and also some cool chicks I work with now.
Sometimes the best friendships come from being your true self and also being open to someone either the same as yourself or complete opposite.

Please keep writing if not this story just what's in your mind and heart, no one should feel this way or be hiding what they feel.

Sending love from Australia x
1/19/2016 c1 1Pyejammies
Don't get too downhearted. I have a group of friends who have done a lot of stuff over the years without me but now I'm included in all their plans, it just took time. That was a sad little story but Edward is the sun on Bella's horizon. I hope they have a wonderful life together. I hope you find some real friends and that your current ones realise that you are part of the group and shouldn't be left out.
1/18/2016 c1 SassYNoleS
I do hope you continue this !

Poor Bella ..

I think at some stage in our life this happens to us all !

Chin up hun ! Xxx
1/18/2016 c1 ruthlessdusty
I totally get the feeling. It hurts like a bitch... but if they obviously do that then they really are not your friends. Something similar happened to me 10 years ago and it still hurts but losing my friendship with those people pushed me to my now best friend/sister from another mister but it still made feel that I wasn't good enough to be included in their activities. So I give you some advise that was given to me...don't dwell on the whys and focus on what makes you, because someone out there likes you for who you are and will appreciate the person you are. By the way I would like to know more of the story... ;)
1/18/2016 c1 Guest
Unfortunately, sometimes there are people in our lives who we consider friends that are not actually good for us. Sometimes people are just clueless though and don't realize how their actions are viewed by others. I know I hate confrontations, but if the roommate story was also true, you could take "Angela" aside and talk to her about how these things have made you feel and see what her explanation is. She may not have realized she didn't tell you about the engagement. Sometimes I tell my news to several people and then forget whom I've told and think I've told someone when I actually didn't.
Another thing you may not have considered is if in real life you always go visit your grandfather on Saturdays, then your friends may have simply assumed you wouldn't be available for the outing, since you're usually booked on Saturdays. My mom used to feel so hurt and left out when her sisters would have lunch together on a weekday and didn't invite her to go too, but they knew she had to work and wasn't allowed to take time off short notice, so they didn't invite her because they knew she wouldn't be able to go. Even though she knew she would have to tell them 'no' if they did invite her, she still wanted to be invited.
You're probably right about "Jess" not being a real friend. You should always listen to your instincts.
However, I want to say, this Bella you've written - some of what has happened is her own fault. Friendships are a two way street. Bella chose to remain withdrawn during the dinner rather than participating or volunteering anything. She just buries her nose in her menu instead of joining in the conversation about clothes and handbags. Even though she isn't interested in fashion, she can show interest in her friends by commenting anyway. If someone gets a new handbag, she can compliment them, saying it's stylish, or it suits them. She could comment on how frustrating it is that she can't wear nice things to work for fear of damaging them and then is stuck wearing them when she goes out (though she could bring a change of clothes and shoes and change into them in her office at the end of the day). This would make her a part of the conversation and part of the group. It would show the others she's listening to what they have to say.
Unfortunately, I have learned that being shy and staying quiet inevitably leads others to believe a person is stuck up or a snob. It isn't fair, but that is the case. (I have acted like Bella in the past, and my in-laws told me I was clearly an antisocial snob who thought small talk was beneath me. Over the years I have finally learned how to put myself out there and make conversation with others, which has led to friendships.)
So Bella's friends probably thought she was ignoring them, since she didn't look at them or comment, but just stared at the menu instead. It makes them feel like she doesn't care about them or doesn't think they are important. As far as the birthday conversation, it is a shame that nobody wished her (or you) a belated birthday. However, Bella made it awkward. She could have said, "Well, mine was 2 weeks ago, so we can just consider tonight to be my celebration!" That would have likely been met with enthusiasm from the others. Doing it the way she did made some of the others feel guilty for not remembering and made others shrug and figure they'd just celebrate with her next year when it came around again.
Bella was bursting with exciting news to share and should have volunteered it. If she had expressed her excitement and enthusiasm with her facial expression and body language, then she would have garnered the others' attention. Bella has pushed these people away by appearing so withdrawn. When they arrived, she could have greeted them enthusiastically, saying, "Yay! You guys finally made it!" (That would have been a subtle jab at the time, which would have prompted them to realize and apologize for their lateness.) I mean do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn't look at you and doesn't talk to you, who doesn't volunteer anything and only answers questions? That would get old fast. Bella needs to ask the others questions about themselves and their lives to show that she values them. She needs to give friendship if she wants to get it. She needs to give interest if she wants to receive it. She needs to show concern if she wants it returned. She can ask Rose about her husband, Kate about her kids, Angela about her fiance, Alice about her holiday plans, etc. The others are clearly trying to include her since they keep inviting her to things, but if she doesn't put forth some effort herself, then they will eventually stop including her. There's no reason why Bella can't start an email thread that includes all her friends, rather than just waiting around to receive one.
One of the most important bits of advice I ever received was to "fake it til I make it". I was speaking with a gentleman who came across as a very confident individual about my social anxiety. I was shocked to learn that he always felt incredibly uncomfortable in social settings and speaking at dinner outings, even among friends. He told me to pretend I was comfortable and confident, and that people would believe it even though it was just a mask, a facade. I went to a party with a new group of people I didn't know well. I spent the majority of the night helping the hostess pour drinks, put out snacks, and collect trash, because that was my comfort zone, feeling useful. It also kept a barrier between me and the rest as I poured sodas from behind the bar. I smiled and talked to everyone that came over to get their drinks. I was literally shaking on the inside from how nervous I was. After the party, the hostess was so thankful for my help, she thought I was great. I received feedback that everyone thought I was really nice. One of the ladies who later became a friend told me she had no idea I was so nervous. They all bought my performance. They actually believed I was comfortable and confident! After a few more parties with the same group, faking it each time, pretending to be calm, happy, and comfortable, I eventually started feeling that way on the inside too. I repeatedly stepped outside of my comfort zone, and when nothing bad happened, my comfort zone expanded to include the new activities. I wish I'd gotten that advice many years ago.
Maybe give your friends the benefit of the doubt. They may just be clueless. Message them on Facebook and say, "Hey, that looks like fun! I'd love to go with you guys next time." Try reaching out, sending them emails instead of just waiting to receive one. Ask them about their lives and their families. Show interest in them. Even if you know nothing about clothes or handbags, you can always say something like, "I love that color on you!" or "That's a neat purse. Where'd you get it?" Practice talking to people in line at the store, smile at them and give them a compliment or ask them a question. Yes, it's extremely uncomfortable and will take massive amounts of bravery the first few times, but when nothing bad happens, your nervousness with slowly fade away and it will get easier.
If you find your life is so routine you normally have nothing new to share, then shake things up a bit. Look up reviews for restaurants in your area and find one with good reviews you've never been to before. Then tell your friends you've never been there and want to try it. Ask if any of them have been there before. Ask if any of them want to try it out with you. Pick a movie you want to see. Ask the others if any of them want to go see it with you. If all of them have already seen it, ask if it was worth it. If they liked it, go see it, even if you have to go by yourself. At least then you'll be able to discuss the movie with them once you've seen it. It gives you material for conversation. Look at the news for something controversial (but not too controversial) and ask the others what they think about it. Or find something funny or interesting and share it with them. (Like, "Hey, did you guys hear about the guy who robbed a bank and posted a picture of the pile of money on Facebook, bragging about it? Yeah, it lead the cops write to his door. How stupid can someone be?") Also, people love it when you ask for their opinion or advice about something. There's lots of ways to reach out to people, and when you do, they will usually respond in kind.
Be careful of those who will use you though. I've had my share of those types, the ones who are always happy to have my help when they need to move or when they need a ride, etc yet are never there for me when I need something. Those people have to be cut loose.
Good luck. I really hope this advice is as useful and life changing for you as it was for me when I received it.
1/18/2016 c1 TrulyOutrageous
Good reading I hope she finds her HEA and some true friends.
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