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8/22 c11 Beka Mendes
i wonder if we're gonna have a suprise in the future about toby's blood, maybe she is the cure like in The last of us, i would love it
7/13 c70 1Blackrose0325
So cannot wait for what's in store for the next chapter!
7/13 c70 WhereTroubleGoes
Excited for more
7/4 c68 SnootySnail
I'm so happy to see that you're updating again! :)
6/29 c30 Guest
Que tensão, espero que Guilhermo não morra
6/29 c20 Guest
Não sou bom lendo inglês, por um segundo achei que Tony tava tendo um aborto... Ufa, ainda bem que tava errado.
6/22 c13 jekentmnnaamniet
seems a bit obsessive but atleast they're putting in the effort
6/14 c70 laneygill14
Hi! I would love to join the discord! This is one of my favorite fics. I just finished it about two weeks ago and I’m starting it all over again haha
6/8 c68 5Blank-name26
Yoo, you're back!

I'll be honest I had to think about the snares and all that happened back then but it definitely caught me by surprise

It's great to have you back, nice chapter
6/4 c68 laneygill14
I just read all 68 chapters in one, sleep deprived night. This is a wonderful story and Toby is such a complex character! She’s developed so much slowly along side Daryl and ugh… when Merle said he called her “his kid”. Waterworks. Anyways, you’re doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to see where this goes next!
6/3 c68 1Tewifying
5/27 c68 LilliePrentiss
Absolutely love this and can't wait for more!
5/25 c68 5Kaiya's Watergarden
I love it! Keep it up!
5/23 c67 COULDNT12761022
I agree there was more to gain by taking him than leaving him, they could have even put a bag or something over his head just in case but knowing all he wanted was his brother it's such an easy demand, he could've asked for Rick's hand or T-dog's like an eye for an eye kind of situation
5/23 c68 COULDNT12761022
People underestimated how smart (or rather observant) Daryl and Merle are especially in that s2 deleted scene
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