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for Deleted Scenes From That Part Always Worked & It Still Works

1/8/2019 c7 1JediGirlAcrossTheStars21
now that is what you call a welcome back home ;)
9/2/2016 c9 jordana60
Keep "up" the good work!
7/6/2016 c8 jordana60
Love the "M" chapters!
4/7/2016 c6 jordana60
A big fan of these chapters always!
3/7/2016 c4 jordana60
I'm reviewing both the regular chapter and this chapter together.I'm glad Lorelai and Luke are having a boy, but I hope they name him something other than William! Jess and Rrory re so in love, it almost makes me feel like I'm intruding on a private moment. But the sex is so hot ..thanks for making an M Rted version!
2/11/2016 c3 jordana60
Now that's what I'm talking about!
2/2/2016 c2 jordana60
You are getting even better with the "deleted scenes".That was hot.I hope you plan on more chapters like that!
1/19/2016 c1 jordana60
I am loving this story, and watching their relationship take hold. This is how it should have gone in the fact, this is how it should have gone in real life! I prefer the adult version of this chapter, and hope to see more!
1/19/2016 c1 11siss7
Very nice

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