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1/25 c17 InfectiousIndigo
Did he look when they made it to the attic before their transformations fell? Is that how he found out Mari’s identity?
1/25 c8 InfectiousIndigo
Okay, how did no one ever think to just take the bags planted by the dumpsters? I thought that was the funniest thing. For a cat with bad luck, he sure is lucky lol
1/5 c21 1SkyWalkingLuke
Thank you for putting the time and effort into creating this story. I loved it and I know I’ll be back to reread it again soon.
10/2/2021 c21 RetroHeart
2 words: Top Tier. You have just perfectly captured Adrien and Marinette's characters. I love the way that you have given us that much of a depth unto how things would transpire between them regarding their reveals. The little cliffhangers that you leave for your readers to actually imagine gives this fanfic that "oomph". I hope you're doing well :) I may not know you personally but I really do appreciate this story of yours. Thank you for delivering it as profoundly as you can despite your schedules and real life struggles :) Hopefully someday you can look back to this and continue this fic till the end. Well done
8/25/2021 c11 Guest
Omg this is amazing I can not believe it was not finished I need the rest so bad
4/29/2021 c21 Guest
An utterly stellar piece of writing! I binged it all, and you wouldn’t believe the roller-coaster of emotions you sent me on lmao - your style of writing is punchy and evocative, and the pacing for your plot is quite literally perfect!

I desperately hope that you come back with an update soon - I need closure haha
4/15/2021 c21 32Blaze
I came across this fic while looking though Someone’s favourite stories. I hadn’t thought of reading a miraculous story.

I’m so glad I did, this was brilliant. The writing was Extremely well done and I love the story.
7/17/2020 c1 LadyBlogLover
This story, I can’t get enough of it and yet here I am on chapter 21. Your writing is beautiful and my heart is broken for Mari and Adrian.
7/16/2020 c7 LadyBlogLover
Even if this was all fluff I wouldn’t mind one bit, I love it.
6/14/2020 c21 4Agiani
I have enjoyed the story so far. You sure have taken us ion a roller coaster ride of feelings.
I'd love to see this get finished.
5/14/2020 c21 Lady Namine Sketching
Oh noes, Alya no you're putting Mari on the spot.
5/9/2020 c21 Mlbvip7
Binge read this! Love it! Hope you come back and continue it :)
5/6/2020 c21 SunshineMLB
This story is sweetly amazing! I read it about a year ago, reread it now...was sad to see it end here and I will definitely be back if you decide to continue it! You write in an enthralling manner and with a fantastically unique style, many thanks for the delightful chapters! Best wishes to you and yours.
4/27/2020 c21 56JuliaFC
Ok girl, let's have a chat this story is absolutely and bloody brilliant you're a cruel and mean sod and i love you to bits for it

But... but... come on! You last updated in June last year WHERE IS CHAPTER 22? I NEED IT!
4/23/2020 c13 1geekqueen2010
So now she's in his room for once, asleep cuz tired and cold equals Sleeping Buggie.
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