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4/23/2020 c13 1geekqueen2010
So now she's in his room for once, asleep cuz tired and cold equals Sleeping Buggie.
4/23/2020 c12 geekqueen2010
I'm happy that she inadvertently revealed the truth about his scarf, and that he's very eager to date her, he's literally prioritizing his feelings for Marinette over the feelings he had for LB! He chooses her, and he's not making her choose his cat self over normal him since he now knows the truth and depth of her feelings towards him! 3
4/23/2020 c11 geekqueen2010
A part of me is hoping that ALL the ships of the love square sail!
4/23/2020 c10 geekqueen2010
Did Chat and Mari meet up to discuss their game plan for wooing their crushes?
4/23/2020 c9 geekqueen2010
Well, despite Chat's ill-concieved plan at least it means for sure they'll end up together even if we aren't sure which paring it will be, or it could be all the pairings but they just don't realize that they're each only technically dating one person.
4/23/2020 c8 geekqueen2010
*delighted fangirl squeals* He actually took her out on a date, and they broke the law but he paid for the candy! And they kissed again!
4/23/2020 c7 geekqueen2010
Oh, I like when she's sassy! Yas queen, get him with that burn!
4/23/2020 c6 geekqueen2010
She had to have figured it out! Adrien had a head injury, then she sees Chat's head injury in the same place as Adriens'! But yay that he didn't kiss Ladybug for want of Marinette!
4/23/2020 c5 geekqueen2010
I for sure thought he was about to figure it out when she said "Silly kitty" to him just like she did when she was in civilian form! And stupid akuma ruining the moment!
4/23/2020 c4 geekqueen2010
I love how her reply to what he said about bread is an analogy to herself, like how his frog comments before had been an analogy about himself! My poor babies have such low self-esteem! Ugh, I hope her mom can patch his head well enough that his dad won't ground him for a month or pull him from school!
4/23/2020 c3 geekqueen2010
imo, she should just roll with the Chat Noir thing and see where it leads her, but no, she just HAS to be responsible! Ugh, just get together already! Granted, I could just be salty over the season 3 finale but still! Also, despite making many, I'm not good at this review thing. My thoughts get too jumbled sometimes.
4/23/2020 c2 geekqueen2010
This was pure delight through out! From funny to fluffy to spicy! Heh, and now he finally realizes she's not "just" a friend to him! Ha! In your face kitty!
4/23/2020 c1 geekqueen2010
I'm a bit shook that he so willfully flirted with her in a way to try and make her fall for his super self if she's "just a friend" to him. Like, it's obvious in the show that he's simply in hardcore denial about his feelings towards her, but his suit allows him to remove all his filters so he ends up more open in pursuing her without realizing it. I mean the way he kept leaning into her personal space right after asking if she really thought his grooming was subpar as if he needs to prove to himself that he can make this particular girl be attracted to him, further verified when he leans in very very close to her again and asks if she would still kiss a frog. And then he freaking goes over to her bed and climbs in it! Boy, if you love Ladybug and Mari is "just a friend" then stop acting so thirsty towards her and trying to make her thirst back!
3/23/2020 c8 ManicBonez
one word popped onto my mind for this chapter.
This cat is horny and he's not sorry. XDDDD
3/23/2020 c7 ManicBonez
Ladybug's suit is red
Chat Noir's is black
OuCh! nO!
Not anOther Heart AttaCk!

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