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2/19/2019 c10 fanfictionalcolic
More please
7/13/2016 c10 6EnchantedbyTwilight
I suck at reviews when there is a next button, but I loved this! Edward’s feelings were normal, as was Bella’s reaction. It's real, and I love real! Thank you for sharing this!
2/8/2016 c10 AAA
I don't review so often but this time I had to. What happened to you Cejsmom? I expected no HEA, cheating and the death of the main character and instead we have really nice story which I liked and I would love to see more for Edward and Bella. There will be more right? Maybe a futuretake? I hope you will write more stories in the future. Thank you for sharing with us :)
1/28/2016 c10 la-geologia
Awwwwww This was wonderful! I really really enjoyed it. Very sweet story, miss. Kudos to you! :-) xo
1/25/2016 c10 26dolphin62598
I really enjoyed reading this Edward and Bella. Great story!
1/25/2016 c2 12Elliania
Oh, so there is a mysterious past with Mr. See... I mean, Mr. C! :D

Kat xx
1/25/2016 c1 Elliania
I'm already in love with little Micheal and Jess! Can't wait to read more... yay!

Kat xx
1/24/2016 c10 30Rebadams7
You really set your scenes well. Felt like I was right there. Bravo
1/23/2016 c10 Bevey99
It was very very good. Made me a bit misty-eyed. [That's hard to do.] Thank you for writing.
1/23/2016 c10 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
This was so sweet! I actually enjoyed the way
you left it...a possibility, but not fully resolved.
1/23/2016 c9 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
They won't last as just friends. No way!
He was a fool. It's too bad he didn't call
her when Alice gave him her number.
1/23/2016 c8 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I can't wait to hear his explanation.
1/23/2016 c7 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Close to the end? But they haven't even TALKED yet!
1/23/2016 c6 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I am SO eager to hear his side!
1/23/2016 c5 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Edward isn't married, is he?
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