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1/23/2016 c4 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Garr! I hate non-answers! LOL
1/23/2016 c3 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
What a schmucky idiot! I want to slap him.
He derailed both of their lives. I want to hear
from him...what happened?
1/23/2016 c2 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Oh, my! There's history here...
1/23/2016 c1 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I Edward Michaels teacher?
1/22/2016 c10 10Lost In Fanfiction
Very sweet story :)
1/22/2016 c1 Lost In Fanfiction
I'm reading this! :)
1/21/2016 c10 Judyblue95
I really liked this story. The epi wrapped things up nicely and even left the door open for the future. Thanks!
1/21/2016 c9 Judyblue95
I am satisfied. The made a start. They agreed to try and be friends again, already feeling comfortable together once all was out on the table. Nice job!
1/21/2016 c8 Judyblue95
ok i'm on to the "big" one...
1/21/2016 c7 Judyblue95
they haven't even talked yet and it's almost the end! I'm dying to know what happened!
1/21/2016 c6 Judyblue95
I get that when trust is broken, it's really hard to disregard that. It's hard to get that back. I never did. Great chapter! I wonder who the woman was with Edward...
1/21/2016 c5 Judyblue95
at the grocery store? of course!
1/21/2016 c4 Judyblue95
seems Angela doesn't know much about Edward either. There's no mention of a spouse for him, or for Bella either...what's up with that?
1/21/2016 c3 Judyblue95
She wasn't listening to some of what he was saying when he broke up with her. Maybe there was a reason she didn't hear? Silly me, giving him the benefit of the doubt. We'll see...
1/21/2016 c2 Judyblue95
yeah, I guessed...yikes! I sense history here...and here she is in yesterday's clothes. it's every woman's worst nightmare.
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