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for How to be Friends

1/20/2016 c5 22beegurl13
And we have a Jake. Wonder who the woman with Edward is? Can't wait to find out! And I'm still curios who Bella's husband is... :)
1/20/2016 c4 beegurl13
Filler chapters are a good thing. Plus, we got some good info from Angela. Now Bella just needs to see Edward again. :)
1/20/2016 c3 beegurl13
Oh, Edward. :( I can't wait to find out why he did it. Men... ;)
1/20/2016 c10 GoneFeb2021
Good job my friend! What a lovely gift to get. Thanks for sharing!
1/20/2016 c10 24WitchyVampireGirl
It was perfect! This was the one open ended prompt where I wanted to see where someone could take it.. you took it in a wonderful direction! Thank you for the wonderful gift! It was amazing!
1/20/2016 c9 WitchyVampireGirl
Aww.. I love when they talk it out.. makes me smile!
1/20/2016 c10 TrulyOutrageous
Great story I really enjoyed their journey.
1/20/2016 c8 WitchyVampireGirl
LOL.. I love that she's sitting with the BOTTLE of wine! EPIC!
1/20/2016 c8 sandy4321
Loving this story!
1/20/2016 c3 DICATAKADD
Damn girl...this is GOOD! Moving on...
1/20/2016 c2 22beegurl13
Yay! Edward! :D And I know that early morning mom walk of shame all too well. :D
1/20/2016 c1 beegurl13
I love it, but you already knew that. :D Now to read stuff I haven't already seen! I'm so excited! :D
1/20/2016 c7 24WitchyVampireGirl
Aww... and LOL all at the same time.. what a first time... soo cute those two!
1/20/2016 c6 WitchyVampireGirl
Aww.. give yourself a break Bella.. and give yourself a slice of Edward..yummm If she dont want him.. can I have him?
1/20/2016 c5 WitchyVampireGirl
DUN DUN DUN! Why you keep me hanging?
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