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8/20/2020 c18 Andrew
It has been over 13 months. Almost 14
Why have you not returned? Please say it's not abandoned! Even though you say you wont, with the extreme length in updates sorry to say, does feel like you do abandon it...
4/29/2020 c18 Guest
I feel like this has been abandoned
3/19/2020 c1 Drago1404
Is this abandoned?
3/15/2020 c18 Guest
Why haven't you returned? Its been 8 months! Almost 3/4ths a year since the last update! Are you doing okay!?
2/20/2020 c18 Guest
Hey, just wanted to say I really like this fic so far and hope to see more. I know it's been awhile since you last posted a new chapter. So if this is abandoned thank you for writing all that you have, but if you haven't, please don't be too long posting a new chapter. If there is a solid reason as to why you haven't updated, I'll understand. But none the less, thanks for writing this story.
8/23/2019 c18 Guest
Oh please oh please finish...I have been nonstop reading this beauty and have laughed, smiled and cried over this...its magnificent.
7/4/2019 c18 fs440
Thank you for up updating! This story is written in such a way that a little of the mystery is revealed each chapter. It should be a shame to leave it unfinished.
6/29/2019 c17
hope to read some change because too much pain quit the need to read
3/26/2019 c17 Guest
Please do say this will turn around soon. It has been near turn off seeing Hiccup so far left field OOC. Too much so! I know you say all a reason. But with how long it has taken it feel never ending!
I will say it was while ago I had read your story, but since hadn't seen an update I forgot. Had to reread just to remember stuff.
Hope doesn't take as long for the next chapter. Good luck!
3/19/2019 c17 Sophia
I LOVE THIS STORY! plsssss i wamy to read when she remember her past, also I would like that she keep some part of her powers and can cure people with her hands or tears (like with flynn) or something !
3/8/2019 c17 FluteQueen1998
I love this chapter! I'm really glad you're back to writing your story. I know how that feels since I'm doing my own fanfictional story on here, too. Anyways, please update real soon! Thanks!
3/5/2019 c17 Warlocktoungue
well... at least Hiccup recognizes he has been an idiot to "Whisper"...
hope he apologises soon...
BTW... a few months back I watched on youtube a Hiccana fanmade video, posted by a Margaret Helstone also...
wanted to ask if that was you? and if so, have you thought of writing an actual HTTYD/Moana fanfic?
because I think you'd make a great job at it...
2/24/2019 c17 90wikelia
G! It's updated! I'm so excited!

Okay so first of all Hiccup's angst, his emotions, his frustration, it's all so perfectly shown in this and I absol love it. His raw, painful need for Astrid actually hurts (somehow more after seeing the third movie).

And second, I must know what happened to milady Astrid.

7/11/2018 c16 Hiccunzel123
I have been updated with the fabric for the last 2 years and I really enjoy it ...Todd job and pls continue the story
7/4/2018 c16 8warorpeace
I sure am putting am trusting you’ll change his opinion on Whisper cause by the end of this chapter I’m pretty much assuming he hates her guts almost as much as he hates Drago’s. On the other hand, it was a very nice chapter. The rift between Hiccup and his friends was very well written.

I believe it was ‘too’ instead of ‘to obvious to fool anyone’

Keep up rhe great writing :)
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