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for Victor's Files of Team Firestorm

1/29/2016 c9 Talgar
ive got a joke tell me if it is funny or not. if they existed in real life and if these were written by the cops the danger level would be shoot on sight especally if they are unarmed or black. was that funny or nah?
1/23/2016 c1 156Farla
This sort of thing belongs in your main story. Any time you're thinking of posting something like this, ask yourself, Is this basically nonsense to anyone not reading my other story? Do absolutely none of them care about this? Then don't post it separately.

Also, the only way character bios can be posted at all without violating the nonstory chapter ban is if it's at the bottom of an actual story chapter.
1/22/2016 c8 Talgar
Mordred wasn't joking when he said that they knew more about team firestrom than vulcan did..

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