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6/19 c48 1k+GoldGuardian2418
Hope Hannah's plans don't backfire on her.
5/22 c47 Anilee 10
I was wondering if you could put Anilee 10 here. I made up an episode called "And Then There Was Ten Again". Similar to Ben 10, but the Omnitrix in Anilee 10's universe doesn't allow her to transform into aliens. And some of the episodes would be from Ben 10 original and Ben 10 Reboot series. And some of the aliens' appearances would be from Ben 10 original, Ben 10 Alien Force, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Ben 10 Omniverse and Ben 10 Reboot.
5/4 c47 GoldGuardian2418
Oh, boy. This is going to be something. :)
4/13 c46 GoldGuardian2418
Oh, boy. Hannah, what have you stepped into now? :)
3/30 c45 GoldGuardian2418
Cute! Love the name for the new alien! :)
3/15 c44 GoldGuardian2418
Super cute! And you're welcome, Amiga! You're an awesome writer!

And thank you! :)
3/6 c43 GoldGuardian2418
Oh, boy. XD
2/27 c42 GoldGuardian2418
LOL! I love it! Very cute! Thank you, Amiga! :)
2/9 c41 GoldGuardian2418
Cool! :)
10/30/2017 c40 GoldGuardian2418
*chuckling* Cute! Love it so far, Amiga! :)
9/17/2017 c39 GoldGuardian2418
Super cute! Thank you, Amiga! I love it! :)
9/7/2017 c38 15Omarnosian10
S.P.D would've been a better choice considering the similarities.
8/31/2017 c38 1k+GoldGuardian2418

I love Power Rangers! :)
8/23/2017 c37 GoldGuardian2418
Hey, Amiga. It feels good to be back. Hope you're doing well. :)
7/26/2017 c17 Rocker on
This... This doesn't make any sense. I thought we were in the middle of the story arc where Ari gets captured. It ended rather abruptly, you know, without an ending. Eh, it's probably up somewhere.
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