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for Classroom Acrobatics

12/28/2020 c1 46Constance Truggle
Very adorable! Thanks for sharing!

4/25/2020 c1 violet lilaccs
my jaw would have dropped too lol. I kind of wish I could do that :'0
12/15/2019 c1 Decker389
Nice, and now Adrien knows... yeah.
11/22/2019 c1 Lady Dominator
Getting closer there Adrien :p
7/15/2019 c1 6Spideyfangirl123
the reveal!
7/13/2019 c1 24dnofsunshine
Oh my gosh, this had me giggling. And the last line made me smile like a huge dork. Good job.
7/7/2019 c1 SunshineMLB
This one made me smile! Great idea, well written, super cute and I've reread it a couple of times this year just because I know it makes me smile! Many thanks for this story!
7/2/2019 c1 Sadajala
Wait wait wait holdup.
Are you seriously ending it like this?
Can you continue it pleaseee?
3/8/2019 c1 Guest
Awesome idea and so funny...loved the whole very well written story...
2/7/2019 c1 Pikanet128
Love it
1/10/2019 c1 Guest
Love your story! Great job! I liked how Kim saw marinette’s stunt too! It was so fun to read! Thanks for writing it! :)
12/22/2018 c1 RoseySparrow
Bwahahahaha love it!
11/30/2018 c1 5Whovianeverlark17
this is hilarious!
11/10/2018 c1 3ChristiRose13
That was freaken awesome I Wish there were more "How did you do that" Stories like this.
11/6/2018 c1 8Lilith Jae
Oh man, I just discovered this author, y'know. I was intrigued by their work so I decided to scroll all the way to the bottom of their published works and start from there.

Boy am I glad I did. This is supremely hilarious! Made me laugh almost as much as the other one.

You are now permanently on my favourite author list
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