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2/12/2016 c4 Fredrick Bismarck
This is exciting. It's has a certain insanity and stream of consciousness like 'lily and the art of being sisyphus' but less darkly humorous and more innocent. She still notices the strange aspects of the wizarding world that some just accept. I'm excite to see where this goes.
2/10/2016 c4 1Tlgrimn
THIS STORY IS FREAKING AWESOME I CAN EVEN! thank you so much for blessing the Internet with your writing
2/7/2016 c4 34yorushihe
What an amazing idea!
The descriptions seem so beautiful! :)
I keep thinking that Amy and Luna will get well together xD
Amy should also start bargaining with her wand, and not with a statue, lol... (Though I think the thing that gave out riddles was a doorhandle, not a Rowena statue... The Rowena statue was inside the dorm, wearing a duplicate stone diadem)
Not that it matters, the story is awesomely already AU! )
Please don't mind if I follow from now on!
2/7/2016 c3 13Trace Reading
Other fics have tried to capture Ten, but this one captures it, distills it, and WEAPONIZES IT.
2/6/2016 c4 6Alexfr36
Nice fic, i like it.
It seems things will not be easy for little Amelia. Well, it never was for Harry, but il lokks it will be a little harder for her. But with her... strange ability, maybe she will have a "plus" for her adventures...
See you soon ;)
2/6/2016 c4 12Willowstar23
I love this bonkers fem!harry, I think when Luna comes to hogwarts they will get along famously. Carry on the good work.
2/6/2016 c4 Alasoi
I am too lazy to log in, but I'm finding this pretty cool. Theo's alright, but I think I'd rather see more Hermione/Neville/Ron. Also more Snape and Dumbledore, but I'm content to just sit back, read, and enjoy what you write.

So yeah, nice work.
2/5/2016 c4 Miko Road
I love Theo, and I love that you put him in Hufflepuff. Hope they become good friends. They both need one.
2/5/2016 c4 34Gelasia Kidd
I'm impressed. I wish I could beta, but I'm dyslexic and can hardly write my own stories XD
2/5/2016 c4 6Bookwormgirl216
I can honestly say... That I love this! Right now, it's my favorite from all of the ones I've read yet... and that's saying something! Anyway, I wish you loads of luck in writing and what ever trivial things you face day to day.
Always be awesome,
2/5/2016 c2 alia00
it's a good start
2/5/2016 c4 sunsethill
I like Theo. I can see a Hufflepuff!Theo giving the story a bit of difference. It also makes a lot of sense that Amelia's sight would give her an edge in potions. I hope she can explain it to Snape and he might be able to help her make sense of how potions go together. I'm sorry that Amelia has to survive a year before Luna shows up in Ravenclaw Tower. And I was rather expecting Amelia to be able to see Voldie. Now the question is, did she establish enough rapport with Dumbledore to tell him about it?
2/5/2016 c4 Joe
Love quirky fem potter, can't wait for her to meet luna :D gonna be an awesome duo. motto: Be original and aspire to define the norm!
2/5/2016 c4 1VibrantVenus
"She guessed that loneliness was its own kind of hunger."
This line murdered my soul.
2/5/2016 c4 90Tsume Yuki
I like Theo; and I do hope they end up with a good, solid friendship. Especially as everyone seems to have abandoned our dear FemHarry.

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