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9/3/2016 c7 Axel Fones
God that was fun.
9/3/2016 c4 Axel Fones
I question Amelia's naming skills in regards to her wand, but quite frankly it's dumb enough to make a humorous conversation piece, if only to watch people get annoyed at how dumb of a name it is for a wand lol.
9/3/2016 c3 Axel Fones
Really shocked by how the sorting went, ramifications should be out of this world. Honestly kind of worried for Hermione's well-being.
9/3/2016 c2 Axel Fones
Bob is great, the wand scene was really interesting, and I think Hagrid having Dumbledore hold on to Amelia's wand is bullshit.
9/3/2016 c1 Axel Fones
I don't think I've seen the concept of magical synesthesia before, so this should be fun.
9/2/2016 c8 blackie.chan108
I love this sooooo much
Neville getting stronger and stronger
Theodore learning kindness
And Hermione being in Slytherin was a genius idea!
And an insane Amelia with a beautiful yet crazy natural sight is like an icing to a well baked cake!
I hope they befriend Luna and Colin!

I have a sneaky suspicion that the stalker is Hogwarts!
8/19/2016 c8 5Soki Rezer
This is fucking brilliant. I can't express the laughter and smiles this story has brought me. I can't explain how consuming this story is and how happy I am to have found it. Please, pity this poor reader and bestow upon me such great and happily wonderful knowledge.
7/17/2016 c8 30Metronome I Hear
You know what this is? This is not good. No, this is most definitely not good. This is bloody AMAZING. Oh my god, this has to be one of the best Harry Potter Fanfictions I've read in the history of forever. Seriously. Keep up the brilliant work!

6/30/2016 c8 11Vangran
This story rocks! Amelia is wonderful and I can't wait for her to meet Luna.
6/27/2016 c6 hama-chama
Alright, now that I'm no longer half-asleep and on an emotional high, I'm going to give you a proper review! I simply adore the way you manage to write out emotions, thumbs up to you! I also love how you describe the colors with such vibrancy, it's beautiful! Moving on to criticism, constructive I hope, I noticed a few places where you wrote "google" rather than "goggle". Not really a big deal, just something I wanted to point out (it was mostly in chapter two). There were also one or two places that had missing words, again, no big deal, I guessed the missing word. I also really like the quirks in Amelia's personality, very well done! Again, I love the story and hop you update very soon!
6/26/2016 c8 hama-chama
I LOVE IT! Oh, the feels! They're hitting me right in the liver! And it's funny too! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :D
6/23/2016 c8 Lavenderstitches
Ah the start of a beautiful friendship the beginning the understanding Hermione Amelia Theodore Neville
6/20/2016 c8 7Tsamoka
Whatever I was expecting when I started reading this, this was not's even better! Keep up the good work! :)
6/10/2016 c8 3HellCat4Life
I love how quirky you made Amelia :) It reminds me of Luna. Update soon?
5/28/2016 c8 heffronma5
Excellent stuff! I am looking forward to the next wonderful instalment. Please could you update soon.
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