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for Zoro's Fate

8/20/2019 c5 3Style1234
These ideas sounds awesome.
8/10/2019 c5 1Polyamory
Damn you .
8/9/2019 c5 geissel2002rivas
I love your idea for this fic ... I like what Luffy works for his father and when he convinces him I look at Zoro as the captain ... I would love to ... the Sanji thing sounds strange but if I look at it I guess it would be good ... then in this universe sanji is a lesbian ... it sounds interesting to me and with nami ... I did not quite understand the point ... but I think it will also have its touch ... and I guess what is Robin, chooper and franky are going to do the same ... of course with the modifications but the same idea ... but something that I would love is that he would meet again with Mihaw and not tell anyone that he is his father ... although the eyes do not help XD ... but the point is that they are surprised ... or also that everyone knows that Zoro is Mihaw's son and they challenge him or try to kill him or kidnap him (even if I doubt they can) well I read this story a long time ago and I loved it and now I read the previous chapter and I still love how mihawk treated Zoro ... I love it ... if some things in this comment are meaningless because I speak Spanish and then I translate it so please forgive me and this time it doesn't take long to update ... thank you very much for taking the time to write.
ATT: a faithful reader
Pst: One question did you put this chapter to give your idea and continue the fic? Or did you just clarify your idea so as not to leave us with the doubt and so leave it to never continue it? (That would hurt me a lot / 3 since your idea is very good)
6/1/2018 c4 5tatsumi yuki
i need more ofthis oh my god please update
3/17/2018 c4 1emma3883
1/27/2018 c4 4KageFuego4
This is amazing and I don't understand why I could never find it. You have literally answered my wishes!
Finally, a (well-written) Zoro-centric fic that isn't a romance(?)! Gushing aside, this is a very interesting take, as the idea itself has been done but you've really ascribed to the monkey's paw, here. I'm already loving the mood whiplash and looking forward to seeing how else things have changed! Happy Writing!

- Kage
1/18/2018 c4 Guest
Me ass is shooketh. Tbh i thought this story was abandoned but you came back stronger than ever.
Such a good chapter. Poor Zoro. Everything he's ever known is gone now. I'm honestly so curious of Luffy's fate in this universe. Idk why but i have a feeling Garp got to him before Shanks did and now our boi is a Marine. Prays i'm wrong tho.
Also ummmm fatherly Mihawk is best Mihawk. Honestly forgot how much i needed that in my life. Zoro's a pretty tough son to deal with tho ngl.
Mihawk agreeing to let him go was so sweet. But sad, does this mean no more Mihawk appearances for a while?
1/11/2018 c4 Isafish
Nah, no worries about wait times! Thanks for the lovely update :)
1/11/2018 c4 Guest
Very confusing, difficult to trace events that is mixed with emotions
1/11/2018 c4 2Waterwomen1414
I'm curious, I wonder who Zoro will find first
1/10/2018 c4 3Style1234
Man, I hope Zoro figures out how this universe is.
12/31/2017 c1 1Descending001
Could you maybe... possibly... PERHAPS update this story next please? I love it too much to wait another year
6/26/2017 c3 PaperNPencil
Zoro isn't OOC. Honestly curious how different the Straw Hat Pirates are in this alternate universe. Mihawk as Zoro's dad is a really interesting point for me haha. Though, just want to mention, if this Zoro is from after timeskip then even if he wasn't physically strong as before, he should still retain his haki capabilities so even if he's using normal swords, he should be able to use them like a black blade (as mentioned by Mihawk).
6/23/2017 c3 Me
I absolutely love this! It's cute and such an interesting story.
2/20/2017 c3 Guest
He was not out of character.
I just hope, that mihawk may start to decipher, that this is not his son, that shanks maybe talk to Zoro in private and gets to know what Zoro has lost and what he is doing here. Maybe a little secret between both of them, and mihawk will be a little bit jealous xD ?

But this is oh so sad... i barely stopped my tears...
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