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for 3 day dare

2/5/2016 c1 Awesomesonamy1
It's good until but I feel it is a little rushed and Sonic is out of character but nothing is perfect right.I liked it until now, it's a good start can't wait to read the rest of the chapters
1/24/2016 c2 4wavyinterlude
It is so sweet! I died laughing!
1/24/2016 c2 1WorldOfSpeed
Loving it so far! Can't wait for the next one. I'm also gonna check out your other stories. I'm sure I'll be pleased!
1/23/2016 c1 g
Sonic better hope no one tells her it's a dare
1/23/2016 c1 Unknown
I like your story and I hope you'll update soon okay :D

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