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11/1/2016 c3 24NoEarlyBird
Poor Tyson with everyone ganged up against him. :D My highlight was that he noticed the tiny detail difference, but not the obvious. Excited to see what Tyson's coming up with for payback.
11/1/2016 c2 NoEarlyBird
Hello, me again. This was fun, too! :)
I like how the whole group joins in on the prank war. And Kai really should have known better ...
I liked your writing even better this chapter. I'm looking forward to the third chapter.
11/1/2016 c1 NoEarlyBird
Hi Angel Devastation, I just stumbled across your story. It's really fun to read! Imagining Kai without any hair was a little painful, but you totally made up for it with Tyson's piece of art.
Kai's payback was a good one, though. Excited to read the next chapter to see what else they come up with!
Oh, and I can so relate to Tyson not wanting to get up... ;)
7/27/2016 c2 21Aeristine
Hehehehehe oh this is too funny. I thought Tyson was going to put something in the shower head to make Kai's body all sticky or turn his skin blue xD Stealing his credit card is just as good though! Can't wait for the next update!
7/26/2016 c1 93AquilaTempestas
generally not a fan of kaity, but i do like comedy and i enjoyed the idea behind this story.

i laughed at tyson's plan and him drawing stuff. haha, good one.

lol, the revenge. nice one kai.

2/15/2016 c1 blankit
Kai bald! Can't even imagine. Haha it cracked me up..
1/23/2016 c1 21Aeristine
Hahahaha oh my gosh! This is hilarious! Imagining kai with a bright pink penis on his head is just amazing! I freaking love this!

Amazing job! Your writing is perfect!

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