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8/4 c13 10Nubushi
Well, I don't know if there is any such thing as a perfect short story, but this is pretty close...the perfectly-proportioned, self-contained beauty of this story reminded me of your Flower Challenge story, which was also pretty near perfect. So, I don't have much to say. From your excellent opening paragraph, you already firmly establish what the world looks like from Liza's POV, with, for example, the contrast between "clean white blanket" snow and the "dirty laundry" snow (though not limited to that). Narrative voice, characterization (Ephraim's unselfconscious modesty), country accents, everything is spot on. I particularly loved the descriptive bits that were beautiful in a charming, homey way, like the "cozy squares of gold" and the "silvery puffs" of the characters' breaths.

Really beautiful job; I haven't read all the rest of the contest entries, but I have a feeling this is the one I'll be rooting for.
7/27 c13 17dtill359
Dropping by from the WA Special Places Challenge.

Never seen "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" all the way through, and what little I did see was, oh... probably twenty years ago, so I really don't remember it. Based on the name of the musical and the content of the piece, I assume it's got a heavy romance story thread, which isn't my preferred genre, so I can't really say I overly liked the story (though, like I said, that's due to my personal preference).

Toward the two-thirds mark, when we see Liza and Ephraim climbing the hill, I was surprised to discover it was dark outside. As a reader, I would have liked to see that right off instead of assuming it was full light only to later find out it wasn't.

I felt like the Special Places element didn't stand out. Right now, it's a background set piece instead of the focus of the story.

Good luck in the contest.
7/21 c13 Guest
This was so cute!
7/21 c13 13Countrylover99
Oh my gosh, this was so sweet and heartwarming. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased when it comes to these two adorable characters. I love how you enhanced not only on their opposite personalities but their upbringing as well, but by the end of this chapter, Liza still started to see things from Ephraim's eyes. It was cute and definitely something I imagine happening between them. I loved how causal Ephraim was about his birthday, while Liza was the one feeling sorry for him. So many subtle details that presented the characters so vividly. It was a real treat!

I always love your "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" stories because you are the only author that actually does justice to these underrated characters. Overall, beautiful update! Can't wait for the next addition.
7/21 c13 Syncchick
Omg Ephraim and Liza are so adorable!
7/21 c13 90Sara K M
Hi Rebecca, I'm happy to read your WA Challenge entry. I had hoped to see more entries for this, especially considering everyone was so excited about it back at the end of May. I suppose the lack of interest might have something to do with the continuing pandemic...

I live in a place with really long winters, so I can certainly sympathize with how tired Liza is of snow in March. Never mind Apirl... :)

I really love how you weave the characters' developing relationship (Liza forgiving Ephraim, their different attitudes about the weather, her not knowing about about his birthday, and how different their childhoods were) together with the scenery. (They were nearing the trees now, and still hand-in-hand... The bare tree branches were black against the dark blue sky, and in the distance beyond the farm, the mountaintops rose like giants. The whole scene looked like a painting, and Liza just stood there for a moment, breathless and speechless, taking it all in... now for the first time, she saw it through Ephraim's eyes.)
It all flows together so perfectly.

I also love the ending, about how Liza did give him a gift, even it it wasn't something she bought at the store, or even a cake she baked. I cannot figure out whether he means the fact that she forgave him, or how much she has started to understand him and appreciate his meadow.
But perhaps he means both? I suppose it doesn't matter, as either would be wonderful "gifts" as far as Ephraim was concerned.
7/19 c1 2The Reviews Corner Official
Fandom blind disclaimer!

I really love the family dynamic you've portrayed here. Just in this one fic, you've painted such a vivid imagine of the characters in my mind and made them come alive. I think Hannah might be my favourite: her liveliness and chatter had me smiling the whole way through!

You portrayed Adam really well too! I really love how he dotes on his daughter, and how is isn't afraid to be seen looking after her in a time when that would've been considered 'women's work'. The little nod to that in the fic, as well as the aknowledgement of how much he's changed was also really sweet!

I also love the mentions of Millie, even though she isn't actually present in the fic; the little mentions of her attempting to get Hannah to read were brilliant!

Overall, I really enjoyed this fic and thought your writing was wonderful. You've inspired me to check out a fandom I've never encountered before! - Yaz
5/11 c12 24TheDonutMistress
This is a gem. I'm so happy the mood to watch Seven Brides (again) struck me, and it led to looking for fanfics, and that led to me coming across this.
The mood, and style, and language suits the era so perfectly, without ever feeling dated or old fashioned. Everyone is fleshed out so beautifully, and it's especially nice to see characters who didn't get much attention in the movie shine in this story. (Caleb, Dan, Ephraim, and most of the brides, tbh.)
What a delightful mix of post-canon and missing scenes.
I can't praise this enough. :)
3/23 c12 13Countrylover99
It never fails to amaze me just how in depth you go with these characters in every chapter you add. This one, was especially interesting to read because you really did take a very realistic approach. I love Milly's strength and determination, it so fits her personality. I also really enjoyed some of the other brothers' thoughts. For example, Gideon pondering about Adam as his father figure. Great job addressing some of the most important questions I had while watching this film. Loved the Bible verse Milly remembered to stay courageous. This was such an excellent update!
P.S: I feel a little silly. I didn't even realize that the girls becoming 'moody' would most likely be due to all of them being cooped up in the same house and their cycle would most definitely would fall into synch. Don't I know it. lol. Anyways, thanks so much for this beautiful update. I cannot wait for more!
12/30/2019 c11 52Catri Howlman-Carthaki spy
Really like this story. An interesting look at what their futures might hold.
12/20/2019 c8 LMCook
This. This is gold.
11/25/2019 c11 Guest
11/24/2019 c11 13Countrylover99
That's such a great idea! I'm so glad you're continuing this story.
This chapter was really sweet. You could feel the warmth and the sisterly bond that both Dorcas and Jenny share. You are always on point when it comes to capturing their personalities. I loved the backstory you added for Dorcas' family and it's definitely something I can see in the real characters too, even though it's not depicted in the movie. Cannot wait for more!
7/21/2019 c10 Countrylover99
I love this update. Your chapters always make me wish there were one shot episodes of these stories like on a real tv show or something. Excellent writing and story telling as always. I love the new editional characters and how you used the wise words from the Bible to shut Stephen up. I cannot wait for more updates
7/21/2019 c10 Guest
Omg i loved the Pontipee smackdown at the end feat. Proverbs. A
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