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for Black the Beast

6/18 c2 BlindFaunusGirl
I like the story so far. Hoping that you continue it in the future. Very interesting concept, makes sense Emerald and Ruby get along so well.
4/14 c2 Dragonborn1234
please update
3/23 c2 ManticoreBlues
quite good, don't really know which group I'm routing for though, considering the implied rape I'm fairly sure you'll keep ruby with cinder or at least the criminal side of things which I would probably prefer although hard to say without seeing where you take this story, anyway can't wait for more no matter where you take it, good fanfics are comodeties no matter how many there are
3/7 c2 BoneyBob
Holy fuck! You're back! And with a new take on the story too. I'm already in love with the story and can't wait to see more.

Please tell me you are going to continue this story this time because this is way to good and I would be heartbroken if you didn't
2/25 c2 Loopedchimp1617
Thankyou for bringing the story back, still loving it! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Stay safe!
2/22 c2 Kurosu Cross
i kinda forgot the original story was like but it feels good to see more evil!Ruby

anyway a bit mistake when they talking about their weaponTomorrow was initiation anyway, everyone would see it then."

But then Ozzy's voice comes out from speakers announcing initiation, which is definitely not a day after
2/21 c2 BeatriceWitmin
Awesome chapter, I am loving it so far. Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it. I hope you were able to find a co-writer. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
2/21 c2 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Why is she wasting time on Yang and Jaune?

Why does she bother to pretend to be even remotely interested in talking to Juane? Yang?
2/5 c2 4DRMAK
A reboot? Not a bad start.
2/4 c4 tiffanyblue89717
Hello! I'm absolutely loving the concept! I know that this story is on hiatus but I was wondering if you had any plans to continue this story. It's totally fine if you don't, just wondering ;)
6/28/2020 c4 Guest
I like it, very good job ! I hope its not dead through...
9/19/2019 c4 Guest
next chapter please i want to see the yang vs ruby fight
4/15/2019 c4 11sondowth
Please update
12/23/2018 c1 FrostHunter
You know in this story ruby and emerald in a lot ways are foils and flipside of coin of each other ruby is faunus assassin emerald is human thief also the way the way two interact with is also two differing emerald sees cinder as mother figure ruby is a lot more casual as well seems to still care about her birth mom summer rose shedding a single tear and holding bank so many more when finding summer's grave.
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