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for From Domination to Genocide V2

9/13 c1 2LadyKDQ
Can't wait for an update I have been waiting and I think this one would do much better compare to the original.
8/31 c1 mccoogsamuel
I remember reading the original and wanting more then the rewrite happened and now I want even more!
8/12 c8 Da stronkest ork
Oi! Dis needs moar dakka ya glossy git!
7/21 c8 NacNak
Nice to see this updated, and we got action! Hehe, poor droids didn't see what hit them.

Hope to see another update from you soon, but until then, Stay Awesome!
7/21 c8 Cooldude101011
Very nice
7/21 c8 joeyginise
welcome back buddy. I always liked At-Rt's, they are the best.
7/21 c8 LadyKDQ
I have been waiting for an update for a while and I'm excited for more updates.
7/17 c7 LadyKDQ
When are you going to update. Also is their a way for me to read the first version of this because I can't find it.
6/24 c7 intnavin
Is there anywhere I can go to read the first version of this? This seems like an awesome read.
5/5 c7 5The Reaper of Valhalla
Good work. It’s just as entertaining to read as the first time around (though because of the length of time from V1 chapter 7 space battle and V2 I may have forgotten), not much I can really say to provide helpful or insightful advice but good work none the less.

The Cunning Count.

Not gonna lie, I REALLY read that as the ‘Cunning Cunt’ after he nuked the prison camps.
5/5 c1 3Fernix13
I would like to point out that this is now officially From Damnation to Genocide V3.
5/3 c7 NacNak
Ouch, three city's worth of people getting nuked all for a retreat... That's rough, but that aside, another awesome chapter, hehehe It Still Only Counts As One! Nice reference, loved it.

Until next chapter, Stay Awesome!
5/3 c7 joeyginise
Plo Koon be like: WAIT FOR ME BOYS!

I am expecting the 'Good' Count to have an encounter with the UNSC in that unknown system.

And welcome back!
3/22 c6 NacNak
Things about to get crazy! Hehehe, another great chapter in the bag, as always, I'll eagerly be awaiting the next, until then, Stay Awesome!
3/21 c5 MysticGalaxySuit
Enjoying the story so far, but I thought that Kenobi was in charge of the 212th Attack Battalion.
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