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for Fragile Rose

11/25/2019 c3 TheoldStone1000
Looks to be very interesting so far, I found this and thought id take a read
3/30/2019 c2 KHARAKI TAKAN
The OOC'ness really kills this story for me. Anyway if you ever continue with this one good luck.

Unreadable to me.
10/6/2018 c9 Guest
Keep going with this story
5/25/2018 c2 Guest
You really need to work on your writing. The story itself is very good, however, it does not make up for your poor writing skills. First of all, and most simply, when you write dialogue between two or more characters, you have to separate each line of dialogue in separate paragraphs, instead of jumbling it all together. Secondly, you keep switching between present and past tense. Choose one and stick with it. Lastly, you need to get better at explaining things. Using parentheses is lazy and takes away from the narrative, especially when the main force of the story, being Ruby's autism, is explained in parentheses. Weave this reveal into the narrative smoothly. It really isn't hard.
1/29/2018 c1 HeartOfChaos13
This story seems Interesting and I like this chapter.
4/7/2017 c9 Guest
Make more chapters please
2/3/2017 c9 Guest
WOW just WOW wil Ruby get here legs back
2/3/2017 c8 Guest
12/31/2016 c4 23bretnorris0
omg can this be penny x ruby plz
7/16/2016 c4 Guest
no rvb
4/19/2016 c9 6RWBY Fan Mode
This if Fucking Awesome now I'm all up man I felt the Emotions in this Story Aww my poor little Rose why'd you take away her legs Dude that is so sad I hate how Taiyang treats Ruby while reading this I was telling myself man he should of died instead. oh I love Neo Ohh.. man Cinder is going to get has ass beaten but Adam shit he can't Take No for an Answer. arslan well she's a lion Faunus well her Animal instincts will always kick in and protect Ruby (Beacause in her eyes Ruby is nothing but a cute little cub)
4/16/2016 c9 2moongooseman
ummm that's gonna be an interesting chapter also you are probably one pod the best writers here. just saying.
4/5/2016 c9 Fake Account dammit
Damnnn, everybody has fuckin connections.
4/3/2016 c9 Jiore
Yay! an update!

OK, I knew Arslan would play a huge role but I so didn't expect this...but well,, at least Adam is gonna pay unless Cinder somehow interferes...but that would be inconvenient either way...

Raven is definitely bad news! I mean, while I was expecting her to be involved with Salem but not as a hitman! much less having beheaded Glynda! now I fear for our girl's safety!

I liked this chapter is good to read you again
4/3/2016 c9 5DarthMaine
still putting in RvB characters I see (nothing wrong of course, just a note)
Miles, Miles, Miles, idiot (him)
And I notice what you said about Loki's personality, he's based off of Loki from fairy tail. (though it's spelled with a e instead of a i)
also, oh crap
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