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for Sexual Frustrations of a Shiny Suicune

12/7/2019 c4 ZVSolar
This story is worse than the last Suicune story...
10/18/2018 c1 4KomaspireXTea
Ok, lets start off by the fact that i hated the original more than i fucking hated "Shin sekai yori" or "Sword art online", so i was really bias towards knowing that not only there are spin offs, BUT A FUCKING SEQUEL; MORE SUFFERING, YAAAAAAAY!

Now you might be thinking; "If you hate this, then why are you reading it? stop flaming innocent writers, b-baka!"; Thats the first major rule of SHITTY CRITICISM. Just becouse i dont like something doesn't mean i cant fucking criticise it, and i have a whole lot to say about this faggotry.

Lets start off by the fact that this isn't interesting at all; Hayden is not interesting in the slightest herself, and the boring side characters are just a goddamn excuse to fill in porn space; while i didn't "Like" Waddle Deelia's personality i kinda liked that she wasn't a shy bitch ass who's actually wonderful; she had SOME CHARACTER . . . her daughter is just trash, and leeeeeets not talk about the fact that this seems to be serious.

Im someone who's all for seeing how someone deals with pre-set characters, but if the result is this . . . its AT LEAST disappointing, and one last thing . . . stop writing lemons . . . please, for the 3 or 4 horny teenagers out there there are legitimatly smart people who are cringing over this shit and losing all hope in the syte's comunity . . . and i cant blame them, this is a steaming pile of shit that doesn't deserve to be praised as much at it is; and i hope with ALL MY HEART that people will fucking stop to get their asses licked becouse of lemons.

-Sincerely, a italian moron
1/16/2017 c4 Darkly Darkrai
We need more, this is one of me favorite series
2/28/2016 c1 notsoswag
woah dude what the hell. my name is hayden...YES IM A SUICUNE
2/25/2016 c1 2NightwitchDarklaw
Awesome! This chapter was really good! Happy birthday Alpha! For those of you who don't know, Alpha's the original author of this story. He did a good job, but he had to move on to other things. Zy took over because he couldn't stand to see the story die. Tney're both good guys, and they're my best friends, Keep up the good work you two!
2/25/2016 c4 AlphaPrinceND
Thanks man. Hey, thanks for taking over the story for me, btw. You're awesome, and so was the chapter.
2/25/2016 c4 8SuperDaikenki
well then
1/24/2016 c1 SuperDaikenki
Well someone is afraid of a repeat of one's past

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