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for Regrettale: An Undertale Fanfic

9/21/2020 c17 savegoatbro
damnit i was really looking foward to chara x papyrus
9/15/2020 c21 dream1990
i love it and okay
5/10/2020 c20 Jun
Aww I kinda liked it. These ships actually go pretty well. Like SansxFrisk (Fans) and Papyton are hard to imagine, SansxToriel and especially FriskxAsriel go together amazingly. I'd like it more if there were more chapters.
5/8/2020 c20 Jun
Aww, that’s sad, I’d really liked it
5/5/2020 c20 The-assassin102
I expected as much. It’s been awhile since anyone has updated anything. But continue your dreams my friend. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
On another note, if your doing voice acting, do post a link to your YouTube channel if you have one
4/1/2020 c5 tEmMIe
Everyone's just coming back out of nowhere! I love it!
5/27/2019 c19 LLS
Yo, will there ever be another chapter, I hope there will be?
9/30/2018 c19 Hunter Reed
This is a great story. If this is an AU, is there any chance you could show designs of the characters? That would give viewers a better imagery of what's happening
6/23/2018 c7 Guest
Its ok to rant. If people dont like it, they can skip it. My day is nothing. Literally nothing, because I didnt do anything. So please, rant.
5/18/2017 c15 Lucy Purple
SAO SAO awwwwwwwwwwwwwwhwhwhwwwhwhwhwhwwhwhwhwhw amazing
4/30/2017 c2 Guest
OOHHH MYYY GOOOSSSHHHH! Okay You did such a good job! Lots of detail in the story! Love it. I also like where this is going! I love the shipings! So cute! :3 I would also like to add that I'm rea!ly sorry for who ever is in the hospital. Hope they get better soon!
3/28/2017 c6 trash
XD I love how u made sans a youtuber but...

3/9/2017 c19 2Electric Flame
Hey guys, I just wanna let you guys know that I'm going through a bit of a rough patch right now. Money is tight, school is picking up the pace, and I've been feeling sick for about 2 weeks now. I've been really busy with school, and I am so thankful for all of your guys' patience. I will be continuing this story. I just need to get some stuff sorted out.

Stay fabulous darlings~!
2/28/2017 c18 Lewisisgame
Slight confusion: didnt chara have feelings for papyrus a few chapters back? You even mentioned that you wanted to try something unique in your story ship wise.
2/28/2017 c15 Lewisisgame
Im taking it out of context.
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