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for Bad writing collection: League of Legends

8/3/2016 c10 5dannyson97
I was actually thinking where the Zed story could possibly go, and now you have wondering how the inevitable confrentation between the 2 would go.
5/17/2016 c9 dannyson97
Love the story, I read every chapter in one day. I believe this story needs a new title one that does it justice.
3/23/2016 c8 6x.TsubasaNoTenshi.x
Gosh im in love with this collection of stories. Really nicely done. Im actually curious if Lulu meet either velkoz or Nasus. Both are quite inteligent as well and have their own views. So many possibilities! Cant wait for more 3
3/21/2016 c1 myenglishisshit
Hello! I just wanted to tell you that i find this fanfict really good. It doesnt have a plot, but stills being interesting, which is weird, because i personally dont care about lulu, vlad,vayne o tahm (i like varus because he is my main) but this fanfic made me see vlad in a different way. Im from argentina, so i dont speak english, but i actually can read this, so its mean that these are not bad writings, these are really good and well redacted (im pretty sure that is not the way i should write it) fanfict! Keep writing, i want more of the weird non-vampire master of puns and the purple child! Saludos 3 pd i loved the winter hater zed and then the grumpy zed from the second and third chapter!
3/17/2016 c8 Guest
Tahm wears a top hat, not a fedora
3/17/2016 c8 4Anthropomancy
"You are a handful with words," said she.
I don't know why but this is bothering me bu I have ascended past the heavens into the infinite abyss with my cringe.
Also, to your last comment, you're the author, you can do it.
Aside from that, chapter pretty good, looking forward to more.
3/10/2016 c4 Joyceola
I didn't expect much cus of your "bad story collection" disclaimer (lol) but I really enjoyed this story and the character interactions are nicely done!
2/27/2016 c7 Anthropomancy
Vladimir with Lulu is certainly not copied, and don't short sell yourself, it may have zero plot, but it's not a bad read otherwise.
2/12/2016 c5 2BreakingPenguin
Great stories! Love the interactions between Vladimir and the other characters! Keep up the good work, I await for more~
2/3/2016 c1 Guest
I personally have no idea what the hell you are talking about. This is way better than many stories I have read. Keep going on with this style bro. Good job
1/28/2016 c2 3Szahara again
You're selling yourself short, aren't you? I don't think you should call this "bad writing collection"... rather call it "random". I think this was a lovely character piece. I enjoyed this a lot, so well done and keep up the good work thinking of new ideas.
I feel your pain about cold weather... We had like -9 Celsius in the morning for 3 weeks or so, but today it was completely spring. I'm gonna miss cooler weather come summer.

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